Genesis reunion tour hits Toronto Nov. 25 ?!!! …


The veteran British prog-rock group’s latest reunion tour, Genesis The Last Domino?, sees the band pull into Toronto’s Scotiabank Arena on Nov. 25, the Toronto Sun has learned.

From left to right: Tony Banks, Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford

It’s the first time vocalist Phil Collins, 70, bassist-guitarist Mike Rutherford, 70, and keyboardist Tony Banks, 71, have toured as Genesis on this side of the pond in 14 years since 2007’s Turn It On Again: The Tour.

More recently, Collins, using a cane and staying seated in a swivel chair for the entire show, came to Toronto’s Scotiabank Arena for a 2018 solo date with his son, Nic Collins, on drums as he was physically unable to play after a recent fall combined with other previous health issues.

Nic will be behind the drum kit for the latest Genesis trek along with the band’s long-time touring lead guitarist and bass player Daryl Stuermer.

Back in January, Genesis, which has sold more than 100 million albums, released rehearsal footage for The Last Domino? trek which kicks off globally at Dublin’s 3Arena on Sept. 15, after two postponements due to the pandemic.

WHY ?! … Unless you’ve made a complete balls of your taxes , none of ya ‘ need ‘ money !!! … I’m fuckin’ old ! … You guys have ten years on me !!! … Tony’s lookin’ the same way he has for the past 20 odd years ( and he’s the oldest ! ) … But Phil and Mike look like they’d need nurses to help get ’em to the stage !!! …

Who put you up to this Phil ? … Is there a third wife I’m unaware of that’s after half your fortune again Phil ?!! …


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‘Mullet Man’ breaks a promise to his girlfriend, Tiger Woods gives golf fans hope and Bubba Watson gets publicly daggered … ?!!! …

Welcome to another edition of The Grind, where we don’t quite know how to feel about the new PGA Tour Player Impact Program. On the one hand, don’t the 10 players who will benefit each year from the $40 million bonus pool already make enough money? And aren’t they already paid handsomely by sponsors for being out there? On the other, think of all the content that will come from this. The sweet, sweet content as players jockey for position in things like “MVP rating” and “Meltwater mentions.” In fact, it’s clear we’re already seeing it with things like this :

Hey, there are many ways to put food on the table so we’re not judging. Anyway, keep the content coming, guys, and we’ll be sure to share it right here every week. Hmm … maybe we’re in line for a slice of the pie, too? Or even just an actual slice of pie? We’ll take what we can get.



Speak for yourself asshole !!! … No need to waste any of your life’s time upright dealing with ‘swipes like everyone involved in this ‘ story ‘ !!! …

WHO FUCKING CARES ?!!! … GOLF ?!!! … You kiddin’ me ?!!! …

What a fucking joke ! … ” They ” think people buy into this ?!!! …

Sadly … Enough of them do …

Utter bullshit.

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Those knife-wielding scamps ! … From …

I might have been crippled by a Lupus flare this week, but believe me, there was no escaping the news that a knife-wielding teenager was shot and killed by police to stop her from gutting someone like a mackerel.

I might have been crippled by a Lupus flare this week, but believe me, there was no escaping the news that a knife-wielding teenager was shot and killed by police to stop her from gutting someone like a mackerel.

I’ve seen the body cam and security footage, and I’d say that young woman who nearly got killed owes her life to a quick-reacting police officer.

But of course since the knife-wielding teen was black, suddenly a knife-wielding teen trying to gut someone like a mackerel is totally normal behavior for a “baby” or “child” or “promoter of peace.”

Oh, yes. Those knife-wielding scamps! Hey, stabbing happens. What’s the big deal?

If we don’t need police showing up, then am I to assume this crank would be totally fine with a teenage girl stabbing someone to death?

“No cops! No cops! It’s just one life snuffed out. Come on, folks. If you think we need to stop a cold-blooded murder, y’all need help. I mean that sincerely.”

If you’re okay with murder, perhaps you are the one that needs help, Bree.

I can’t even imagine what kind of world this woman wants to live in. But I can assure you, I don’t want to live there. Why on earth would we normalize knife-wielding teens trying to stab someone to death?

Knife-Wielding Apologist Cori Bush

This is a sitting US Congresswoman and Black Lives Matter Marxist.

First of all, a sixteen-year-old is not a baby. No baby I’ve ever known tried to stab someone to death.

Hit the link for the rest of this … It’s a good one …

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After Quebec riots , 24-year-old hospitalized with COVID tells young people ‘ the pain is incredible ‘…


Roxanne Smith

MONTREAL — Roxanne Smith doesn’t have much patience right now for the people she still sees saying that COVID-19 isn’t real, or isn’t serious — especially if they’re around her age.

In a way, she can sympathize, she said, since she also used to believe that the virus didn’t hit the young very hard.

But that was before the 24-year-old landed in hospital for weeks, preparing for long-term debilitation.

Smith, a law student with three young children, said she had no serious health problems prior to the infection. She wrote on a GoFundMe page that she had had some health issues since childhood and was immunosuppressed but stable.

She’s now on a feeding tube and has been told to prepare for months of physical therapy and other appointments. She walks like a 90-year-old and cannot run, she said. She can’t concentrate or read.

“I feel like a little baby,” she said. “I just want to sleep all day.”

You ARE a little baby !!! … ” OH BOO HOO !!! ” …

You can spit out three kids before you’re 25 years old but a little virus knocks the Hell outta ya ?!!! …  The latest couple of generations have been so pampered by their ( now aging ) Boomer parents they can’t handle stubbing their toe !!! …


Source: After Quebec riots, 24-year-old hospitalized with COVID tells young people ‘the pain is incredible’ | CTV News

Canada’s 2021 Olympic outfits have one message … We’re a joke …

In 2021, does Canada deserve better than uniforms that look like they were vandalized by angry teens with Sharpies ? Not really …

The Opening Ceremony uniform, centre, and the closing ceremony "Canadian Tuxedo."

Canada is having a rough time. Once the promised land of oil sands, maple syrup, and kinda-free healthcare, we’re now a world leader in new COVID casesmoney laundering, and overpriced houses. But, with the Tokyo Olympics (maybe) around the corner, the Great White North has a chance to redeem itself on the international stage – to show other countries who we really are.

Sure, the medal tallies are important. But the world’s most-viewed sporting event is ultimately about spectacle, which means it’s also the world’s most-viewed fashion event. The outfits matter, which is why nations stage elaborate reveals every two years. A country’s Olympic uniforms speak to who they are as a people, as well as their geopolitical and economic status. There’s even an academic term for it: “fashion diplomacy.” Unfortunately, Canada’s 2021 outfits only have one message: We’re a joke.

Picture it. The Opening Ceremony begins, with a record number of viewers since half the world is still locked in their homes. The Japanese wow with a world-class artistic program, followed by the Parade of Nations. To the atrophied masses in sweatpants, the athletes on TV look like real-life superheroes. Finally, Canada’s big moment arrives. Our team enters the arena and… how odd. The world is confused. Are those athletes, or lost tourists wearing children’s clothes?

“This is the gang that comes after you if you say you tried watching Schitt’s Creek but couldn’t get into it,” said New York Times culture writer Dave Itzkoff in a tweet … Sports journalist Jenna Harner wrote …

“Ahhh yes Canada going with the ’20-something girl at brunch’ look for the closing ceremonies this Olympics ”…

Even The Guardian took a shot at us, writing … “The athletes will be clad in graffiti-splashed denim jackets that would have been very current at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona or on Degrassi Junior High at its peak.”

rina Maddeaux: Canada’s 2021 Olympic outfits have one message — we’re a joke | National Post