Out Of My Hands

Many years ago I found myself out of work and awaiting an operation on one of my deteriorating knees. As a young’en I was always into artwork , but when I got into my teens I drifted away from that and got into music … I really got into the bass guitar. So the years went by and I got pretty damn good at it ! … Still so many guys ( and gals ! ) that blow me away tho ! … They got RIGHT into it ! … When you can do that for a day to day grind , ya better get goodBut I had to facilitate my ‘ hobby ‘ with toiling in fabrication shops … Hence the knees … And then spinal probs in my old age. Anywho , when I was holed up trying to resolve my knee problems , out of boredom , I pulled out an old gift of art pencils I had never used up to that point. I rediscovered my penchant for doing artwork …

As the years went by , I kept getting back to this project … At this time , I was also writing a lot of poetry ( That I initially was thinking would be lyrics for songs ) , but the artwork and the poetry seemed to be feeding off each other … It eventually got fairly complex so I started writing a story text to tie the two together. I could then see that I had a good concept for a high quality book of art …

And then came the computer and Photoshop ! … That’s a lot of fun too ! … Photoshop tends to make people that can’t draw a stick man look like Picasso ( His ‘ good ‘ periods , not that cubism bullshit ! ) , but when someone has actual talent it’s a very useful tool.

So I’m now putting together a Page here where I can display some of my artwork from the resulting book Out Of My Hands.

I hope to generate some income so I can get this labour of love off my drawing table and into a printed coffee table type ( over sized ! ) book of artwork and poetry.

Two Fold ‘ open book ‘ Poem Page


Recently I’ve been busy working on apparel designs / merchandise to promote my artwork from the ( hopefully ) upcoming book … Out Of My Hands …


This is what I had in mind for the first set of Handkind clothing merchandise ;

The initial set was be comprised of 6 black men’s tees featuring several of the characters from the book Out Of My Hands  …

Here we have 4 Women’s design long sleeve summer shirts ;



Plus 2 Women’s Fall Jackets ;

FaBut , unfortunately , full coverage and then into embroidery ! has large set up costs and I’ve shelved those ideas for the moment.

Face Masks , hats etc., can be done easily enough …

Skull Caps

Here’s what I’ve got for frontal coverage silk screening so far …

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