8:41 A.M. Memories of Hiroshima …


Three weeks ago, the U.S. Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) noted the number of Taliban, Islamic State or other terror-related attacks in the country had increased compared with previous years. A major suicide attack in Kabul on May 31 killed 150 people and caused “significant damage” to the Canadian embassy, according to remarks at the time by the foreign affairs minister’s office. The Pentagon’s latest report to the U.S. Congress said Afghanistan “faces a continuing threat from as many as 20 insurgent and terrorist networks present or operating in the Afghanistan-Pakistan region, including the Taliban, the Haqqani Network, [Islamic State-Khorasan], and al-Qaeda.” It is “the highest concentration of extremist and terrorist groups in the world,” American defence officials concluded.

MORBNOTE ; So pull A Harry and blow the fucking area up !!! … AND BE DONE WITH IT !!! …

Source: Trump makes only move he can on Afghanistan – Politics – CBC News

1:12 P.M. Pete Jr. doubles down on his father’s failed ‘ melting Pot ‘ vision …

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen sound a lot like former Conservative Immigration Minister Jason Kenney these days when it comes to immigration.

Last Friday the Prime Minister said, “Protecting Canadians’ confidence in the integrity of our system allows us to continue to be open, and that’s exactly what I plan to continue to do.”

MORBNOTE ; What ‘ confidence ‘ can he possibly be referring to ?!!! …

Over the weekend, both the Prime Minister and the Immigration Minister counselled Haitians thinking about crossing the U.S. border into Canada to stay where they are and make their refugee claim in the United States. Many of Mr. Kenney’s public comments about changes to the immigration system introduced under his watch were also peppered with references to the need to maintain the integrity of, and public confidence in, the immigration system.

MORBNOTE II ; What ” integrity ” ?!!! … These people just hope to secure votes for the next election !!! …

Maintaining the “integrity of the immigration system” is in part the shared code language for how our governments (Conservative or Liberal) think about asylum seekers. Canada may love refugees like Syrians who are selected and screened abroad before they set foot in the country, but the same cannot be said about asylum seekers who wash up on our shores in boats, or who walk across our border with the U.S.

We don’t need EITHER form at this point in time … They ‘ take ‘ far more than they ‘ contribute ‘ and we can’t afford it … BOTTOM LINE …

Source: Canada welcomes refugees, but shuts the door on asylum seekers – The Globe and Mail

12:06 P.M. Musta been a good sized cannon smoke that afternoon !!!…

I was reading up on the Canadian progressive rock band Saga on a whim just now and came upon this particular paragraph … Reminds me of my twenties !!! …

The Chapters is the name given to a series of songs that the band revealed over a 28-year period in a mixed-up order, creating a conceptual puzzle. Each song in the sequence was subtitled “Chapter One”, “Chapter Two”, etc. In its final form, The Chapters tells a cohesive science fiction story concerning the preservation of Albert Einstein’s brain, aliens who are concerned with humanity’s self-destruction, and the resurrection of the dead through technology.

Source: Saga (band) – Wikipedia

11:02 A.M. Trump claims ?! …

U.N. Resolution 2371 On Aug. 5, the 15 nations that make up the United Nations Security Council unanimously adopted Resolution 2371 (2017) to place new sanctions on North Korea. The resolution comes after North Korea’s most recent ballistic missile launches, in violation of a ban on nuclear and missile tests.

The new U.N. resolution says:

• North Korea shall not supply, sell or transfer coal, iron, iron ore, seafood, lead and lead ore to other countries;

• UN Member States shall not increase the number of work permits for North Korean nationals (unless approved by the Security Council Committee), based on concerns that their earnings support North Korea’s nuclear and ballistic missile programs;

• States shall prohibit the opening of new joint ventures or cooperative entities with North Korean entities and individuals, or the expansion of existing joint ventures through additional investments.

The resolution also identified nine individuals and four entities that would become subject to a travel ban and asset freeze. The asset freeze extends to the Foreign Trade Bank, a state-owned bank that serves as North Korea’s primary foreign exchange bank. Provisions in the resolution could reduce North Korea’s revenue by about $1 billion, according to statements from delegates in the Security Council. The ban on exports from North Korea will prevent it from earning “over a $1 billion per year of hard currency that would be redirected to its illicit programs,” said a resolution fact sheet from the U.S. Mission to the United Nations. The east Asian nation earns about $3 billion per year from export revenues, the fact sheet said.

MORBNOTE ; Notice how the United Nations arrived at this decision , 15 – 0 , yet this media outlet is desperately attempting to put sole responsibility on the Trumpster’s shoulders !!!… But backs off after it’s own investigation concludes that Donald DID NOT orchestrate the whole thing … He simply voiced his approval !!! …

Source: Trump claims new U.N. sanctions cost North Korea over $1 billion | PolitiFact

2:30 P.M. Knuckledraggin My Life Away | Where Bad Choices Make Good Stories

Another good one from Ken ;

That’s why you always use your own donkey Posted on 08/04/2017 by Wirecutter SILOAM SPRINGS, Ark.

 A man was arrested after he was caught on surveillance camera having sex with a family’s pet donkey in Siloam Springs, according to an incident report. The Whitaker family called police at about 1:30 a.m. on Sunday, July 16, and said that a man was trespassing on their property and having sex with one of their pet donkeys.


Be sure and watch video and check out the female reporter trying to wing her way through the story – “Some viewers may find the content graphic…” Some viewers? You’re talking about somebody fucking ani… oh wait. Arkansas. I forgot. Then I’m wondering about the part at the end of the video where she says the donkeys were taken to the vet to be checked out. What the fuck for? If a donkey dick don’t tear that shit up, what makes them think their neighbor’s needle dick would? At least he didn’t grab their necks with his teeth. They probably should’ve just held on to their money there.

Source: Knuckledraggin My Life Away | Where Bad Choices Make Good Stories