AOC wants you to pay her to not be corrupt …

Despite a poll showing that Democrats’ proposed congressional pay hike has outraged the public , Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez thinks taxpayers ought to be giving her a $4,500 salary hike anyway on her $174,000 annual paycheck … Not just because everyone deserves a raise , but more important , to keep her honest.

It’s not just that she seeks to justify that pay hike for herself by arguing that she actually wants all workers to get a pay hike ( even those ” unwilling to work ” one can logically infer ) and thinks her own hike ought to go through because of that. It’s also that she supports the $15 minimum wage , so that justifies an extra $4,500 in her pay packet on her $178,000 salary , which comes to a lot more than $15 an hour.

All by themselves , those issues are problematic … What kind of raise should workers who’ve been laid off because a $15 minimum wage has been enacted get ? … Exactly how much is a raise x $0 ? … And why should wishing be good enough for workers while Ocasio-Cortez herself is actually getting ? … And what the heck does a measly $15 minimum wage have to do with someone who’s making $174,000 a year , plus perks ? …

Yet Ocasio-Cortez declares the proposed $4,500 pay hike ” not even like a raise ” topping Nancy Pelosi who took heat last year for declaring $1,000 worker bonuses ” crumbs ” ! … She’s starting to sound like Evita.

Actually , Ocasio-Cortez is a good candidate for a pay cut as Issues & Insights editorialist John Merline notes here :

Even without a raise , she’s pulling down three times what the median household makes in her district.

So here’s a modest proposal. Tie AOC’s salary , and everyone else’s in Congress , directly to the incomes of the people they represent.

That would mean , rather than give AOC a rais e, she would make just $58,331. That’s the median household income in her district , according to a cool Census tool called My Congressional District.

At that pay , AOC would truly represent New York’s 14th Congressional District. Exactly half the households would make more than her , and exactly half would make less.

Better still , if she wanted a raise , she’d have to see to it that her local economy is thriving and people in her district are gainfully employed , thereby pushing up the median income.

Maybe someone with a bigger salary can shun sleazy little small-time mordida shakedowns with a bigger salary , but as Joe Biden’s son has demonstrated , working in a bigger league doesn’t stop dishonesty , it just provides bigger opportunities to steal. Ocasio-Cortez must know that as she brays for a bigger piece of the taxpayer pie. What she wants , though , is for all of us deplorables to be content with her call for a $15 minimum wage.

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Like , gardening ! … Food that comes out of dirt … Like , it’s magic !!! …

I’ve neglected the poor wee cretin for too long …

Ocasio Cortez: Like, gardening — food, that comes out of dirt. Like, it’s magic!

Sandy the bartender Ocasio-Cortez is in like total shock … She’s TOTALLY amazed that you can actually grow vegetables in a community garden and that food comes out of the dirt ! … To dummy Ocasio-Cortez , “ like it’s magic ” or something … Crazy Ocasio-Cortez is literally in shock that food comes out of the dirt , like magic !

Who in the hell elected this dope ? A bunch of 2nd graders ? I mean seriously , this is a representative the NEw YOrk City area ?! She’s actually shocked that food grows “ from the dirt ” in a community garden ?… No idiot Ocasio-Cortez , it’s not magic … This is the author of the so called creator of the Green New Deal and the “ boss ” of the communist Democrat party ?…

Ok let me get this straight. This dope Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t know food can grow in the dirt but wants to get rid of all farting cows ? She thinks it magic that food grows in the dirt yet wants to re-do every building in the United States and ban air travel and cars ?…

Ocasio Cortez really graduated with a degree in economics from Boston University yet doesn’t know simple gardening. Wow the college system has really broken down over the years …

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Apparently social media is bad for children under 3 ( ?! ) … So little Alexandria is ‘ self-weening ‘ …

Simply because I haven’t posted anything recently from this ‘ deer-in-the-headlights ‘ , complete twit , I found a good one ( pic in particular ! ) over at Patriot’s …

Yesterday , it was reported that little Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has decided to dial back her use of social media.

Her reason ?

Well , according to her , social media poses a public health risk.

“ There are amplified impacts for young people ” she explained , “ particularly children under the age of three , with screen time.”


Now it’s all making sense.  In fact , it explains a lot.

It explains why that moronic Green New Deal FAQ sheet looked like it was written by a child.

It explains why the thin-skinned Alexandria erupts into fits of rage at the slightest thing. After all , a lack of impulse control is pretty common among children – particularly children under the age of three.

It explains why little Alexandria believes in fictitious monsters who lurk under her bed waiting to pounce on her every word.

And it certainly explains why little Alexandria is more invested in feelings rather than facts.

Personally , I think all children , particularly children under the age of three , should stay off of Twitter and Instagram.

Who knows what they’ll say or do ?  I mean , they might film themselves drinking wine and babbling incoherently with their mouths full of snacks.

So I think it’s a good thing little Alexandria wants to take a break from social media. Her absence just might minimize its public health risks.

But something tells me she won’t follow through with it.

Children , particularly children under the age of three , aren’t known for their follow-through.

I give it a day before little Alexandria is back on social media scouring the news for any mention of her name.

She can’t help herself. Especially when you consider that her snotty , petulant Twitter “ clap-backs ” and tantrums are the way she satisfies her incessant demand for attention.

And if there’s one thing children , particularly children under the age of three, are known for , it’s their insatiable need for attention.

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CAUTION : Watching Alexandria shift gears could cause whiplash …

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been in the national spotlight for less than a year.  And already that toxic brew of narcissism and insecurity is getting the better of her.

After Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez got roundly mocked for putting on a fake black accent while speaking to the crowd at Sharpton’s NAN , it took no time before she cried foul and pulled out her trusty Victim Card.

Fact is , Alexandria deploys the Victim Card so often , I hope it has a no-spending limit.

She can go from insufferable tough guy to crying victim faster than Clark Kent changes into Superman.

Last night when she immediately shifted into ‘ Victim ‘, she claimed that , well …

Here’s what she claimed …