2:39 P.M. Electric Jags ?!!!…

Jaguar Land Rover will offer electric options across its range of sleek sedans and upscale SUVs as the tradition-rich British carmaker pivots toward electric vehicles under pressure from the U.K. and other governments. By 2020, the entire range of Jaguar cars and Land Rover sport utility vehicles will be available in fully electric, plug-in hybrid and so-called mild hybrid variants, Chief Executive Officer Ralf Speth said Thursday in a Bloomberg Television interview with Manus Cranny and Anna Edwards. Underscoring its electric shift, Jaguar will start selling the I-PACE battery-powered performance SUV next year. The company has 25,000 orders for the vehicle already, Speth said.

Authorities in France and the U.K. outlined plans in July to ban the sale of diesel and gasoline cars by 2040 as a means to reduce air pollution and carbon-dioxide emissions, which are linked to global warming. The move is less aggressive than plans by Volvo Car Group. The Swedish brand intends to offer only hybrid or battery versions of its new models as of 2019. The hybrid autos reduce fuel burn by being able to drive short distances or boost performance with the help of electric motors. To showcase the U.K. carmaker’s intent, Speth is unveiling designs for a battery version of Jaguar’s iconic E-Type roadster at the Tata Motors Ltd. division’s tech fair Thursday in London.

Jaguar Land Rover is also presenting a concept for a voice-activated, detachable steering wheel. Dubbed the Sayer, after E-Type designer Malcolm Sayer, the device is part of a futuristic vision in which cars will be used interchangeably with consumers taking personalized steering devices with them. “We are on the brink of the most exciting revolution in mobility in our history,” Speth in a speech opening the fair, which will include panel discussions on millennials’ car ownership, the gender gap in tech recruitment and possibilities in automation.

“We have the ideas to make it liberating, and transform lives, but it will require us all to make profound choices.”

Source: Jaguar Land Rover to offer electric versions of all vehicles by 2020 – The Globe and Mail


8:41 A.M. Memories of Hiroshima …


Three weeks ago, the U.S. Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) noted the number of Taliban, Islamic State or other terror-related attacks in the country had increased compared with previous years. A major suicide attack in Kabul on May 31 killed 150 people and caused “significant damage” to the Canadian embassy, according to remarks at the time by the foreign affairs minister’s office. The Pentagon’s latest report to the U.S. Congress said Afghanistan “faces a continuing threat from as many as 20 insurgent and terrorist networks present or operating in the Afghanistan-Pakistan region, including the Taliban, the Haqqani Network, [Islamic State-Khorasan], and al-Qaeda.” It is “the highest concentration of extremist and terrorist groups in the world,” American defence officials concluded.

MORBNOTE ; So pull A Harry and blow the fucking area up !!! … AND BE DONE WITH IT !!! …

Source: Trump makes only move he can on Afghanistan – Politics – CBC News

2:18 P.M. In Hiroshima, one August morning in 1945 was dark as night …

On the morning of Aug. 6, 1945, Setsuko Nakamura sat with her Grade 8 classmates on the floor of her private girls school, listening to a lecture about duty to the emperor. Setsuko and some of her classmates had been training as decoding assistants for the Japanese army, in preparation for the final invasion by Allied forces. But the Allies didn’t invade Hiroshima.

At 8:15 a.m., Setsuko saw a blinding blue-white flash out the window; she felt her body fly through the air. When she regained consciousness, the schoolroom had collapsed around her. It was dark as night and silent except for the faint whispers of her classmates: “God help me. Mother, help me!”

She felt a hand on her back and a male voice – a soldier, perhaps – urging her to crawl to safety. She crawled. When she was free of the building, she turned around and saw in the unnatural darkness of morning that her school was on fire, her friends within it. She was 13 1/2 years old.






Click the link to read the entire article … Very thought provoking …

Source: In Hiroshima, one August morning in 1945 was dark as night – and this woman can’t forget it – The Globe and Mail

6:54 P.M. This should have been dealt with in six months …THREE AND A HALF YEARS AGO !!! …

Ontario’s Superior Court has ordered a 6,600-square-foot Brampton monster home at the centre of a four-year dispute to be demolished. Two city councillors confirmed the half-finished house at 443 Centre St. N. — which has become known as the “Big Blue Monster” — must be taken down by the end of November. “Yesterday, the Superior Court issued a demolition order for the house,” councillors Grant Gibson and Elaine Moore said in a joint statement on Wednesday. “The court has ordered that the unfinished house must be demolished in its entirety within 120 days, which means that it will be removed before the end of November.”

The councillors said the city has designated the area a “mature neighbourhood,” which means any new development must maintain and preserve its character.

“When you look at this house … what do you think?” Moore asked in an interview with CityNews. “I think one of these things is not like the others. It doesn’t fit in the neighbourhood. It’s not the right scale and size for this neighbourhood.”

MORBNOTE ; If you look to the left side of this picture … Note what the residents in the dwarfed houses surrounding this farce have had to look at for FOUR YEARS when they have friends and family over for a summer BBQ !!! … This Elbasiouni wog should be FINED 20 million dollars to disperse among the surrunding hoiuseholds and pay for ALL court costs and politician’s time involved with this BULLSHIT !! … And then IMMEDIATELY DEPORTED !!! …

In 2012, Ahmed Elbasiouni got a permit from the City of Brampton to redevelop his property at 443 Centre St. N. Neighbours were expecting a small addition. Instead, Elbasiouni tore down the bungalow and started building a massive structure in its place. It wasn’t until 2013, when construction was well underway, that the city realized its mistake and revoked the permit. The city and the courts had on several occasions ordered Elbasiouni to either remove the structure, bring it into compliance with zoning bylaws or get approval from the committee of adjustments, which turned him down in January. “This [court] order also guarantees that whatever is built on this property in the future will be something that adds value to this community,” Gibson and Moore said.

Elbasiouni, meanwhile, is arguing the height complies with bylaws and said any new design won’t be significantly different. “The design which is going to take place is not going to make any difference in the height because the height here is within the [allowed] height, I’m 10.6 [metres], within the 10.6 allowed,” he said. “I may shave the front wall, I may shave the back wall, you know? I have to reorganize everything but it is going to be the same.” He has launched a $20-million lawsuit against the municipality for damages and is also suing two current councillors.and one former councillor for $7 million.

“How much money has it cost the city to deal with this in court?” said neighbour Gerald Payne. “My tax dollars are being used to fight this guy to get rid of the property. I’m surprised that thing hasn’t been burned down yet.”

I remember driving by this giant box of shit numerous times years ago when I was with a buddy of mine working in Bolton … It looks even worse when you’re actually there !!! …


Source: Superior Court orders ‘Big Blue Monster’ home in Brampton demolished – CityNews

5:38 p.m. THE DAMN THING IS RIGGED BY K-bek !!!…


A ticket sold in Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, Que. is the winner of Friday night’s $10 million Lotto Max jackpot. The prize hasn’t yet been claimed, according to Loto-Québec spokesperson Patrice Lavoie. He expects the winner to come forward early next week. The store where the ticket was bought hasn’t been revealed either. It is unclear whether the winner is solo, or part of a group. ‘We want to keep our feet on the ground’:

Quebec family of 26 splits $60M lottery prize Just in case you want to check your ticket to see if you are now a multimillionaire, the winning numbers were 2, 4, 11, 17, 26, 41 and 42, with a bonus number of 44

This is the 72nd jackpot of over $1 million to be won in Quebec since the beginning of the year !!!, Lavoie said.

There’s some serious BULLSHIT goin’ on here !!! … I’ve been saying that for years !!! …. And this is the 72nd big win THIS FUCKING YEAR !!!…

Source: Someone in Quebec may be a newly minted multimillionaire – Montreal – CBC News