Welcome to The Mind Of Morb

In these pages you will find my thoughts , both in vision and word … on my views on the world’s dilemmas … politics and society … how we all manage to screw up most of the time , both as individuals and as a collective !!! … What a race !!! …

It is my place around the kitchen table with the obvious , like minded individuals ( … like minded in the sense that they pay attention , not necessarily agree with me … ) that I have in my political link selection …

More of us need to speak out about things that we see … understand and know to be wrong … if mankind is to improve itself … prior to extinction …

Also , it is a place for observation of human behavior and a bit of humorous reflection …



7 responses to “Welcome to The Mind Of Morb

  1. Geeze. gentlemen, I had thought Pink Floyd was some kind of sweet, sissy drink with an umbrella that women ordered up in bars. Thanks for setting an old broad right. Fox has offered up some for our delectation on the VF blog.

  2. First, I have your link on my front page. I’m going to separate links later, but it will still be on the front page.

    Second, what really pissed me off the other day was I saw Mexican, when you really said ‘Merican. The other stuff doesn’t offend me. It was my misunderstanding.

    Third, my guess is your from elsewhere. The UK? Just interested.

    Fourth, I didn’t see a place to make use of contacting you on your blog with this much info. You can delete this post.

    Fifth, I don’t know if your interested, but the Voting Female blog is pretty interesting. She uses it more like the old bulletin board systems before the internet. http://votingfemale.wordpress.com/

  3. If you get a chance, A Piper at the Gates of Dawn and A Saucer Full of Secrets have some good songs, if your into strange. Bike is one of my favorites from Piper. It’s simple, but yes, it does sound as if drugs may have been involved.

  4. In all honesty , I haven’t REALLY given the Syd era a good listen … I do know that the production of those years is suspect , to say the least ( compared to the last 20 years or so … ) ‘ Meddle ‘ is the first album that caught my ear .. ‘ Echoes ‘ is majestic ! …

    For me tho , Dave Gilmour is the only guitar player I know of ( and I know of MANY !!!! ) who plucks , pinches , ‘ quivers ‘ and sustains EVERY note perfectly and you don’t need one note more or one note less !! What he does cannot be improved upon ….

  5. I have most of the albums up to and including The Wall. After that, something seemed to be missing. I like the Syd Barrett stuff, It’s very different after he left.

    Thinking about it, I guess I wasn’t too fond of Atom Heart Mother. Alan’s Psychedelic Breakfast was kind of odd.

  6. I prefer the Dave and Roger era … Didn’t get into the drugs required for the Syd era … But , even tho I’m a bassist and lyric writer … I have always felt that Dave’s guitar ( and Rick’s keyboards… ) are the key component to Pink Floyd … And , I must say … Dave’s captaining of the ship … ( Momentary Lapse Of Reason / Division Bell ) is yet another triumph in their gloried history … Don’t get me wrong , I appreciate Roger , as well …

    To answer your question … I prefer the ‘ post ‘ Syd Pink Floyd …

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