7:09 P.M. Trudeau ; ” I can’t solve Canada’s border problems … But , HEY , I thought we NEED usless , unskilled labour … So therefore everything’s peachy , no ?! “…


2019meltingpotJustin Trudeau appears to have given up hope of reducing the flow of people crossing from the United States illegally to claim asylum, and is test-driving fresh rationalizations on why a migrant surge might not be such a bad thing. The new line from the Prime Minister is that the flow of asylum seekers may prove an economic boon for Canada.



“The fact that we have extremely low unemployment, we’re seeing labour shortages in certain parts of the country, (means) it is a good time to reflect that we are bringing in immigrants who are going to keep our economy growing,” Trudeau said in a pre-Christmas interview.

The statement came in response to a question about a contention by his predecessor, Stephen Harper, that an immigration system that is legal, secure and economically driven will have high levels of public acceptance, while the “irregular” migration phenomenon has made the system less secure and less economically driven.

It is clear there are labour shortages. A Business Development Bank of Canada study in September found four in 10 small- and medium-sized companies struggling to find new employees. But an orderly immigration system aims to match the skills of newcomers with the demands of employers. The free-for-all at the border is a triage situation. The only thing economically driven about it is the desire of the migrants crossing illegally to have a higher standard of living than they had in their country of origin.

To claim this abuse of process will help the economy to grow is the latest attempt by the Trudeau government to justify its loss of control over the Canada-U.S. border. In November, Bill Blair, the border security minister, tried to sanitize the situation by pointing out that 40 per cent of migrants crossing illegally are children, suggesting that Canada is merely living up to its human rights obligations.

Neither argument can rationalize a situation where the integrity of the immigration system is being violated.

Trudeau pointed out that the Liberals have injected extra resources ($173 million in budget 2018) to ensure that everyone who arrives in Canada, even if they cross between official border crossings, is given a full security screening. “There are no loopholes or shortcuts, in that our immigration system continues to apply to everyone who arrives in this country,” he said.

This is true. The flow of migrants, mainly from Nigeria and Haiti, is costing the federal government a pretty penny — $340 million for the cohort of migrants who arrived in Canada in 2017, according to a November report by the Parliamentary Budget Office — not to mention straining provincial resources (the PBO estimated a cost of $200 million each for Ontario and Quebec). Such generous provision has attracted yet more asylum shoppers — year-over-year numbers suggest more people crossed illegally into Canada between January and September this year (15,726) than in the same period last year (15,102).

The endless appeals process means there is a massive backlog that is likely to require reform to reduce.

But at least the government has some control over the process once migrants have claimed asylum. When it comes to reducing the number flowing across the border, the Liberals appear accepting of their impotence.

Blair’s mandate letter gave him the lead role in talking to the Trump administration about “modernizing” the Safe Third Country Agreement, which states migrants claiming refugee status must make their claim in the first “safe” country they arrive in — Canada or the U.S.

A loophole in the pact with the Americans means it does not apply between official points of entry.

But there appears to have been little progress on closing the loophole since public safety minister Ralph Goodale met then-homeland security secretary John Kelly in March, when they agreed to “monitor the situation” at the land border. Blair visited Washington in November to meet homeland security officials and his office says talks are “ongoing.”

They are likely to remain so.

No matter how much money the government spends trying to process asylum claims, a solution requires cooperation from the Trump administration — and that has not been forthcoming.

Even under Obama, there was no interest in extending the Safe Third Country Agreement to anyone crossing from the U.S. — a move that would increase the number of asylum claimants south of the border. There is likely to be a similar lack of concurrence about joint border enforcement patrols to stop people crossing in the first place.

But the agreement is currently as useless as a pulled tooth. There can be few issues of greater importance in the cross-border relationship and the point should be made forcefully in Washington whenever the Americans want something.

Canada’s consensus on immigration is in jeopardy, as economic migrants ignore this country’s laws and its borders.

Trudeau sounds resigned to being bound in an insoluble quandary. The upshot is that he is trying to promote an uncontrolled migration system as one that is not only orderly, but is of net benefit to Canada.

It is going to be a tough sell.

That’s because Junior has ALWAYS been in waters WAAAaaay over his head !!!

Source: John Ivison: Trudeau sounds resigned to his inability to solve Canada’s border-crosser problem | National Post


11:43 A.M. 40 % Freeloaders !!! …


2018MeltingPotPrime Minister Justin Trudeau should be making a New Year’s resolution to compensate Toronto properly for the costs of accommodating the flood of asylum seekers his decisions helped to create.

Whether they’re called “illegal” or “irregular” migrants — and the federal Liberals have used the terms interchangeably — isn’t the issue.

What’s relevant is now that they’re here, they have to be sheltered and accommodated.

Dumping the costs of federal immigration policies on Toronto property taxpayers is unfair.

It’s not the purpose for which municipal taxes are intended.

As Toronto Sun columnist Sue-Ann Levy reported last week, 40% of the city’s emergency shelter system is now occupied by refugees or asylum seekers.

That up from 11% in 2016, 25% in 2017.

The city’s total cost of caring for them in 2017 and 2018 was over $64.5 million, with the city predicting it will need $43 million more in 2019.

While the Trudeau government says the number of illegal/irregular border crossers coming into Canada is dropping, the city says 18 to 20 new refugees claimants are still entering Toronto’s shelter system every day.

Until now, the Trudeau Liberal government’s response to demands from Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservative government to pay its fair share of the costs has been to falsely portray them as racist and fear-mongering.

This has become so typical of the Trudeau government, which routinely and falsely accuses its critics on the immigration file of being everything from part of the alt-right to neo-Nazis.

It’s an obvious ploy, it’s utter nonsense and it’s become boring.


11:16 A.M. ‘Scuse me while I set the ‘ Holiday Spirit ‘ aside for a moment …


Hamza Piccardo is one of Italy’s most prominent Muslim leaders. In the past he has claimed that “ polygamy is our civil right ” and now he has written to Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini requesting he “ establish an electoral process leading to the election of a democratic representation of Italian Muslims ”…

He is the founder of the Union of Italian Islamic Communities ( UCOII ) and is known for his assertion that Italians should not “ undervalue polygamy’s demographic effect ” which he believes would help Italy’s low birthrate and the need for foreign workers and should be considered a civil right as much as gay marriage is.

MORBNOTE ; That’s because most of ’em immigrated over here ( Canada ) !!! … But that’s fine … Italy could use a bit of ‘ pruning ‘ they way they used to spit out the little Guidos !!! … And the Italians certainly don’t need ‘ growth ‘ of your population !!! …

So , now he is asking that Italian government to bring Islam into the political establishment :

“ Let the government organise a consultation that can bring order to Italian Islam , we are fed up with this anarchy ”.

MORBNOTE II ; Then get back to the SHITHOLE from whence you came and carry on with your anarchy over there !!! …

His perception is that “ none of the organisations present in the territory significantly represents the soon to be three million ( !!! ) Muslims in Italy , one million of whom are Italian citizens ” …

MORBNOTE III ; Like England , Canada , Australia , The U.S. … WE allowed this shit to happen !!! … Something has to be done about VERY SOON !!! …

Therefore he asked the Italian Interior Minister “ to promote and establish an electoral process that leads to the election of a democratic representation of Italian Muslims with whom to dialogue “… They want their own language … Their own distorted morals … They want OUR countries to become THEIR SHITHOLES !!! …

This is nothing less than an INVASION of Western Society …

And WE are letting them do it !!! …

PHEW !!! … Now … Carry on with the Christmas festivities … Good will toward CIVILIZED men and all that …

Source: Muslim leader who said polygamy is a civil right, demands “democratic representation” in Italian Government

8:50 A.M. Austria flips the ‘ narrative ‘ on migrant asylum …

Hopefully Trump can get that across to the swamp dwellers in the States … And , up here … After we toss Junior out on his ass next year … Scheer will follow Austria’s lead too …

In the past , asylum-seeking was wild flight from danger by any means necessary – a dramatic bolt across the tarmac to freedom or a bowshot glide across the Berlin Wall , with begging for mercy at the door of the West …

Today , asylum-seeking is as regular as the school bus, with organized cartels using the Internet to incentivize large groups of people to migrate through package deals , organizing their transport , food , boarding and care , all for a convenient flat fee , payable either on the spot with cash or via Internet , or else through installment plans based on jobs in the West.

It’s illegal , and it’s a burden , costing law-abiding citizens in liveable countries billions as they arrive.

Click the link below and cheer on the Austrian initiative …

Kudos to Austria for sorting this problem out , and flipping the narrative from migrant sob stories to the shadowy players making money off them.

Source: Austria flips the ‘narrative’ on migrant asylum, turning fire to human smugglers

2:35 P.M. Why are we still dealing with this piece of garbage ? …


KhaDick2Omar Khadr , the convicted killer , wants the freedom to travel to Saudi Arabia , and he wants to be able to freely and privately communicate with his terrorist-supporting family. He’s making the formal request to an Edmonton court this week.

Every time we give this guy an inch , he takes a mile.

MORBNOTE ; It should have never been ‘ considered ‘ to give this asswipe an ‘ inch ‘ to begin with …

First , the feds generously agreed to repatriate Khadr from Guantanamo Bay to a high-security prison in Canada.

Then , we allowed him to be released on bail and put in the custody of his activist lawyer.

And slowly , step by step , he has regained more and more freedoms in Canada.

As if watching Khadr be let free in Canada wasn’t bad enough , the Trudeau government secretly gave Khadr a $10.5 million cash payment along with an official apology on behalf of all Canadians in the summer of 2017.

MORBNOTE II ; I think it’s safe to assume … But other than other terrorists and their cowardly brethren that choose the ‘ safe ‘ route and just sponge all they can from this country , I suspect that a near 100 % of real Canadians would rather see this asshole suckin’ up striped sunlight for the rest of his miserable , pagan life … I know that;s how I figure it should be …

The Trudeau government pretended it was a court-ordered payment. The truth , however , is that the court ruling said nothing about compensation or an apology.

When caught on that load of bullshit , Trudeau and company changed their tune , and said they paid Khadr to save taxpayers money ; Khadr was suing the feds and it was cheaper to settle than to fight him in court.

MORBNOYE III ; Why is it we allow terrorists , or convicted criminals …  for that matter , have the right to ‘ sue ‘ Canada ?! …

Instead of putting up a fight and sending a strong message to any Canadian citizen who picks up arms to fight alongside a jihadist terror group , Canada caved and conceded to Khadr’s unreasonable demands.

After being released from prison , Khadr asked Canadians not to judge him for his storied past , but instead to look at the man he is today. But it’s impossible to divorce the two.

Canada has apologized ( That’s just BIZARRE !!! ) to Khadr , but Khadr has never apologized for some of his egregious actions as a member of al Qaeda and the Taliban.

He’s never condemned his terrorist family nor has he clearly disavowed radical Islam and the jihadist ideology.

Khadr once admitted to his deadly crimes , including throwing the grenade that ended the life of 28-year-old U.S. army medic and father of two Christopher Speer and maimed soldier Layne Morris. In 2010 , he apologized to the Speer family.

But , as Anthony Furey points out in a recent column , Khadr is now appealing his conviction and claiming his murder confession came under duress. 

MORBNOTE IV : No doubt when his money grubbing lawyer figured he could make more money pissin’ up court time continuing the proceedings …

In other words , he no longer accepts blame for the actions he once took responsibility and apologized for.

Khadr can try denying being the one who threw the grenade that killed Speer , but he can’t deny building and laying bombs … The type that killed 97 Canadians in Afghanistan.

There is video footage of Khadr laughing and joking while he built and planted deadly explosive devices in Afghanistan. Some Canadians take an overly generous view about Khadr. They see him as a victim , brainwashed and manipulated by a zealous father and an evil family.


But far from disavowing his radical family , Khadr now admits he wants to spend more time with them … Away from the watch of Canada’s security officials.

Our Prime Minister seems to share the sympathetic view of Khadr ( and Mr ‘ Be Happy ‘ selfie king buys it ! ) , which is perhaps why he unwisely agreed to the secret midnight payout. Trudeau didn’t want to bother fighting Khadr in court , so he paid Khadr to go away.KhaDickSucker

But Khadr isn’t going anywhere. He’s going to keep pushing the limits of our generosity.

Instead of sending a strong message about Canada’s seriousness in the fight against global jihad , Canada has allowed Khadr to become a role model for every aspiring terrorist out there.

MORB FINAL THOUGHT ; Here’s the ‘ message I’d send … A televised execution by fully automatic weapons … Beginning at his feet and SLOWLY moving upward … Pausing just before the heart … And then , only when on the discretion of the Speer family , a bullet to the forehead.

Then make sure copies of the proceedings are sent to the Middle East media outlets.

Also note ; This asshole has his much deserved front place spot in this category’s header …

Source: MALCOLM: Omar Khadr pushes the limits of our generosity | Toronto Sun

1:53 P.M. These people should display their size of balls to their own piss-ass government …

Invading the USA so as to force its citizens to support them has worked out splendidly for some members of the migrant caravan, but not others , due to at least part of the border being defended. Some have turned to a less ambitious tactic for helping themselves to the wealth generated by American taxpayers … extortion :

Two groups of migrants from Central America marched to the American consulate in Tijuana , Mexico, yesterday , with a list of demands to the Trump administration.

One of them asked the American president to either let them in the country or pay them $50,000 each to go home , a report said …

Give me $50,000 or I’ll sit here in my own filth and disease , helpless and wretched while the liberal media exploits me . I may even sneak into your country. Of course , I might do that anyway. Fifty grand would pay for a top notch coyote with money to spare.

Alfonso Guerreo Ulloa , an organizer from Honduras , told the San Diego Union-Tribune that the $50,000 figure is not a very big sum.

‘ It may seem like a lot of money to you ‘ he said …‘ But it is a small sum compared to everything the United States has stolen from Honduras ‘…

It is doubtful that the USA has ever stolen a penny from Honduras. On the contrary , it steals money from its own citizens to give to Honduras. Our ( U.S. ) federal government bestows upon this hostile hellhole over $100 million per year of our money.

But according to progressive dogma , if you generate wealth and someone else does not , you have stolen the wealth you generated from the person who did not generate it. Leftists use this insane notion to justify the thievery that is the foundation of their ideology.

MORBNOTE ; This next bit shows the absolute GALL of these ‘ invaders ‘ …

The caravan migrants also asked the US to remove Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez from office !!! …

One reason Hondurans are so miserable is that they cannot govern themselves. That’s how we know the ones who make it across the border will vote for Democrats. Surprisingly , they did not think to demand that we pave the streets of Honduras with gold.

The group gave the US consulate 72 hours to respond to their letter.

I suggest they hold their collective breath on that one and it’ll be that much easier to bulldoze them  back to Central America …

Source: Moonbattery Moonbattery – A Stake Through the Heart of the Lunatic Left

1:17 P.M. Apparently we are all ‘ nothings ‘ according to Junior …

It’s bad enough we cling to hockey , back bacon , maple syrup and our infamous ” eh ” to have SOME sort of distinguishing Canadian ‘ culture ‘ … Then we have an elected moron attempt to erase that !!! …

In an astonishing statement to the New York Times in 2015 , Justin Trudeau declared , “ There is no core identity , no mainstream in Canada ” and consequently that “ makes us the first post-national state.

” This kind of talk would have been horrifying to Peter Lougheed , Alberta’s premier from 1971 to 1985. He believed in Canada. He had faith in our national institutions.

But the intransigence of the federal government led by Pierre Elliot Trudeau tested that faith.

And now we have his  airhead , ‘ feel-good-everything’s-peachy , quick ! let’s take a picture ‘ , spoiled offspring Justin Trudeau , a prime minister who , like his father , has odd ideas about the country , the world , and Alberta’s place in it.

An excerpt from another article sums it up quite nicely …

As Canadians struggle to make sense of some of the policy choices ( or lack thereof ) on the part of the Trudeau Liberals , there seems to be an emerging trend of reaching for some more outlandish explanations.

In analyzing this question , we can take some guidance from the principle of Occam’s Razor , which is , essentially , that the simplest explanation is typically the most probable. Or , perhaps the aphorism known as Hanlon’s Razor is more apt in these specific circumstances :

“ Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity ”…

In other words , the government’s struggle to deal with two key issues … The Trans Mountain pipeline expansion and the thousands of asylum-seekers walking across the U.S. border into Canada … Is most easily explained by a considerable degree of ineptitude on their part.

Ineptitude meaning ; They are being led by a ‘ sequestered from the real world ‘ , lifetime privileged ‘ perpetual student ‘ who is unfit to run a college debate club , never mind a country … 

Remember folks … PET was the asshole that thrust this ‘ Melting Pot ‘ horseshit up our collective asses in the first place !!! … Importing vast amounts of largely , unskilled ,  uneducated pagans to sign up to vote Liberal every time !!! …


Source: Blazing Cat Fur