Barb , from World Net Daily , has nailed it !!! …

author-imageWND Barbara Simpson

As a result of the shootings, plans by New Zealand lawmakers are in the making to disarm whites because the white shooter successfully stigmatized whites as aggressors against Muslims.

“ Extraordinarily strict gun laws are being proposed – even though their current gun restrictions are very strict ” Simpson pointed out. “ There’s great scrutiny now for what can be called ‘ hate speech ’ with the perpetrators facing legal strictures.”

Now , Muslims are generally being treated as oppressed victims nationwide – somehow worthy of more protections because of a lone-wolf attack by a white man.

“ Extra protection is being given to mosques by armed police – even though New Zealand police usually aren’t armed,” Simpson informed. “ Bookstores with any volumes that might be regarded as ‘ anti-Islam ’ are being told to remove them. Even more concerning to many is that ALL women are being urged to wear a hijab ; Christian and Catholic Churches are holding Muslim services ; and the Muslim call to prayer is being broadcast nationally , in person and on TV and radio with Muslim prayers being read aloud.”

This trend is not only taking place in New Zealand , as officials are fearful to take increased measures to stop Islamic terrorist attacks.

“ More importantly , is the same thing happening in the western world – and that includes the United States ? ” Simpson asked. “ The death count in Europe of people killed in Islamist attacks total in the thousands. Those attacks continue. [ And ] never forget , in the United States more than 3,000 Americans were killed in one day by Islamist terrorists who perpetrated the World Trade Center attacks – and many more have died since.”

Fears that those waging the “ war on terror ” are cowering to politically correct pressures to ease their security measures against potential Islamic terrorists appear to be coming true, as race and religious profiling are coming under more scrutiny as leftist pro-immigration activists continue to push their agenda.

“ At what point do we have the courage to report the truth of what is going on – or have we lost already because of lack of courage ? ” Simpson questioned. “ The problem is , the media have turned into a mass movement with homogenized thinking. There is so little original thought , perceptive analysis of what is transpiring and what it all means , that media are rendered impotent – except for their ability to rile up the unthinking masses and spread untruths and innuendo.”

It is contended that tolerating Islamic terrorism is something at which Americans should be ashamed.

“ With media , there is no ‘ at best ’, there is only ‘ at worst ’ – and we will ultimately suffer for it ” Simpson insisted. “ Actually , let me modify that statement : Our children will suffer for it, and that is an abomination – it must be changed.”

This is the ‘ end game ‘ folks …

WE are letting it happen …

That’s gotta change …

Source: New Zealand’s bow to Islam, gun ban a death call?

Too much ‘ collusion ‘ talk Matt ?!!! …

In an article written by Matt Kwong , of CBC he writes ;

” The media and progressives have been ” obsessed ” with impeachment and Mueller’s report , said Patrice Onwuka , a conservative writer with the Independent Women’s Forum , a conservative think-tank “…

But judging by the president’s Twitter activity , the obsession may have been more his than that of his liberal challengers in 2020. An online search of the president’s tweets found at least 190 mentions of the words ” collusion ” or ” collude ” in reference to Mueller’s work since Trump was inaugurated in 2017 — amounting to nearly 1.7 mentions per week of his presidency.

By contrast , a search of all the public Twitter accounts belonging to the top 11 Democratic presidential candidates found only one such mention of ” collusion ” by O’Rourke, two mentions by Elizabeth Warren, three mentions by Bernie Sanders and one reference by Julian Castro.

Well Matt , can ya not figure out that the Dem Prez wannabes are vigorously campaigning and left to do so , while the Media keeps shoving the topic of ‘ collusion ‘ in the Trumpster’s face over and over and over again ?!!! for the last 2 years !!! …

Trump would much rather talk about the importance of the wall and border security … Uncontrolled immigration … Jobs coming back to American soil … The economy … 

Are you supposed to be an analyst Matt ? …

Source: As Trump gets a political gift, liberals weigh how much collusion issue matters to voters | CBC News

Manitoba Bar Association adds to Junior’s Election Hemorrhoids …

On Monday , leaks by anonymous sources to CTV News and The Canadian Press suggested that Jody Wilson-Raybould had recommended Glenn Joyal , chief justice of Manitoba’s highest trial court , be made chief justice of the Supreme Court of Canada ( SCC ) , despite not holding a seat on that bench.

Joyal also criticized how Canada’s top court has interpreted Section 7 of the charter , which guarantees everyone “ the right to life , liberty and security of the person and the right not to be deprived thereof except in accordance with the principles of fundamental justice.”

The SCC had struck down Canada’s abortion law under this section. The court had also struck down a ban on medically-assisted death.

Joyal said the court’s interpretation of Section 7 “ has become, particularly in recent years , the single most fertile source for the discovery of new rights and the de facto constitutionalization of political and social issues.”

Joyal issued his own statement on Monday , saying that he had applied for the job of Supreme Court justice but ultimately withdrew because his wife had metastatic breast cancer.

He went on to say : “ I fear that someone is using my previous candidacy to the Supreme Court of Canada to further an agenda unrelated to the appointment process.

“ This is wrong.”

Asked Tuesday why he felt that Joyal was the wrong choice for chief justice of the SCC , Trudeau said Canadians can “ continue to have confidence in their judicial system , in the way we operate as a government , the way Canadians know that we can have a strong and independent judiciary.”

When politicians are either  wrong , or don’t want you to know the truth , they never concisely , clearly  answer a simple question … Such as Junior’s complete empty evasion response cited above …

Now , think about it  … How many times do you hear ANY politician quickly , simply reply ‘ yes ‘ or ‘ no ‘ to an appropriate question ?! …

Source: ‘Most appalling’: Manitoba Bar Association blasts reports about Wilson-Raybould’s Supreme Court pick – National |

Justin Trudeau’s only way out of this scandal …

By Tom Parkin of

The SNC-Lavalin scandal , now in its seventh week , has led to five resignations and a precipitous drop in Liberal Party support. And there’s no end in sight.

There’s only one sure exit from this scandal. The question now is whether the Trudeau Liberal government is willing to consider it. Or determined to continue bleeding , everyday.

Again last week the Liberals attempted to suffocate the story , shutting down the justice committee and trying to change the channel to their budget. When that failed , Liberals reacted with internecine attacks on former attorney general Jody Wilson-Raybould and former Treasury Board President Jane Philpott.

It was another failure. The counter-attacks on Wilson-Raybould and Philpott gave more fodder to pundit shows and newspaper columnists—and picked the weakest ground to fight on. According to IPSOS pollster Darryl Bricker , surveys show Canadians are twice as likely to believe Wilson-Raybould than Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

For seven weeks the Liberal Party has been losing a war of siege and attrition. In January the Conservatives were languishing , the NDP was on its back and the Liberals were cruising. Now the Liberals risk falling beneath 30 per cent support , Nanos and IPSOS show the NDP has rebounded to 20 per cent and the Conservatives have climbed to the mid or high 30s.

Against this siege the Trudeau Liberals have no ammunition. If the Liberals had evidence that Wilson-Raybould’s story was untrue, Liberal MPs would have brought it to the justice committee weeks ago. But none of the justice committee testimony has refuted the central claim that there were multiple improper attempts to interfere in a criminal prosecution.

Now the siege is about to tighten. Soon, Wilson-Raybould will table more evidence, including emails and texts. Only she knows what it will say. But it will not help the PM. And it will be news.

By now it should be crystal clear to Liberal strategists and party grandees they cannot prevent Canadians from getting the truth about the PMO’s interactions with Wilson-Raybould. There is too much interest in this story—rightfully so , because any attempted interference in a criminal prosecution is profoundly serious—and it appears, one way or another , Wilson-Raybould is determined to tell it.

The Trudeau Liberals need to stop doing what can’t work—and take the only path that might.

And I’ll interject with  … The key word there is … ‘ MIGHT ‘… 

The Prime Minister needs to tell Canadians he’s done some real soul-searching. He needs to admit to making mistakes. Ask for forgiveness. Call an inquiry. And commit to working hard to get back on agenda and rebuilding trust.

Yes, it will hurt. More PMO staff may resign. There could be a finding that Trudeau broke the constitutionally-embedded legal principle of non-interference in prosecutions.

But the alternative is more painful. The Trudeau Liberal government isn’t just facing weeks of more damaging evidence with a loser communications strategy. An election is seven months away. Based on polls today , the most likely outcome of is some sort of minority Parliament. And that opens the door to the justice committee—even if the Liberals continue to govern—investigating the scandal fully, calling witnesses and issuing subpoenas.

Those who are loyal to their political principles know that defending what’s not defendable isn’t just a fool’s strategy. It’s political tragedy. Mistakes made can’t be unmade. No amount of spin annihilates them. The true test of political principle and loyalty isn’t telling a leader he’s always right , it’s telling him when he’s wrong. For Liberals , it’s that time now.

Source: Justin Trudeau’s only way out of this scandal

CBC News is takin’ lessons from American Media Leftwingnuts …

Here we go !!! … The Canadian Press has picked up on the tactics of the Bullshit MSM south of the border and are trying to fling various other ‘ scandal theories ‘ over the SNC – Lavakin Case to murky the picture and hope it goes away ! …

Jody Wilson-Raybould recommended in 2017 that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau nominate a conservative Manitoba judge to be chief justice of the Supreme Court, even though he wasn’t a sitting member of the top court and had been a vocal critic of its activism on Charter of Rights issues, The Canadian Press has learned.

Wilson-Raybould’s pick puzzled Trudeau but he became disturbed after doing some research into Joyal’s views on the charter, the sources said.

Joyal had criticized the judiciary for broadly interpreting charter rights and expanding them to apply to things not explicitly mentioned in the charter or, in his view, intended by provincial premiers when they agreed to enshrine a charter in the Constitution.

The Supreme Court’s liberal interpretation has led to things like legalization of same-sex marriage, the right of women to choose to have an abortion and the legalization of medical assistance in dying, among other things — developments Trudeau has celebrated.

In a January 2017 speech to the Canadian Constitution Foundation’s Law and Freedom Conference, Joyal echoed conservative arguments that the top court has usurped the supremacy of elected legislatures to determine social policy …

Read on …

SOOooo many just CANNOT let it go !!! … It’s an illness !!! …

This Richard Wolffe , from the Guardian , is a REAL asshole !!! … I mean even CNN and MSNBC … Pelosi , Schiff EVEN !!! … Aren’t splashin’ up a piss puddle in the deep end anywhere near this asswipe is !!! …

Suspend your disbelief for a second.

Assume that the Trump administration – which lies so easily and so often on matters big and small – can tell the truth about the Mueller investigation. Forget the cover-up about separating families at the border and jailing children. Pretend it has fully embraced the death toll of more than 3,000 Americans in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. Imagine Trump’s inauguration crowds really were exceptionally large.

Let’s just give the new attorney general , Bill Barr , the benefit of the doubt, based on his service in the George HW Bush administration if nothing else.

Let’s also assume his four-page summary of the special counsel’s investigation is the very best case he can make on behalf of the man who just hired him.

That case would sink any other leader in any other western country. Any previous president of the United States would need to start lawyering up for impeachment.

As Barr points out , the Mueller report is divided into two.

One part is about Russian interference in the 2016 election , which Trump has repeatedly dismissed as a Democratic excuse for why Hillary Clinton lost.

The second part is about Trump’s obstruction of justice in seeking to halt the Russian investigation.

Now his 2 ‘ base ‘ findings , he managed to get right … His ‘ deductions ‘ however … Are quite a nice little Liberal wet dream !!! …

He babbles on and on , rehashing old worn out cries of ‘ the sky is falling ‘ and ‘ Trump’s EEEEvil ‘ !!! …

… In particular , US and state attorneys in New York are peeling away the layers of the stinking onion that is the Trump family business … Those layers include hush money to a porn star ,,, Fraudulent statements to lenders and insurers about real estate … A sham family foundation and corruption involving foreign donations to an inaugural committee …

… It means more consideration of corruption and less talk of collusion !!! …

 Hit the link for the entire rant from this putz !!! …


Source: No collusion, plenty of corruption: Trump is not in the clear | Richard Wolffe | Opinion | The Guardian

Mueller Delivers Liberals A Giant Crap Sandwich …


It’s not often I , like most of America, make a point to watch MSNBC or CNN. If I want to know what leftists are thinking I just imagine something so incredibly insane that there’s no way an educated adult would actually believe it , then double it and I’m there. But Friday night was an exception , I had to see how they responded to the news of the Mueller Report’s submission to the Attorney General and no further indictments coming. It was glorious.

You rarely get the chance to watch someone have to choke down a crap sandwich of their own making in front of the people they’d been force-feeding one to for years , but that was Friday night on cable news.

Don Lemon , working both of his brain cells to their limit , wondered if President Trump not sitting down for an interview with Mueller “ saved him ” then he brought on Dan Rather to discuss. I’m not making this up.

Everyone on those two channels should have been apologetic , gaslighting the country for 2 years before having the curtain ripped back so thoroughly should have been met with some humility. They should have been begging their audience for forgiveness. They were not.

Hilariously , these knuckle-dragging buffoons tried to play the “ We have to wait and see what’s in the report ” card. Suddenly , pragmatism and a desire to avoid speculation became the order of the day. It was as if the people who hear dog whistles in everything a Republican says had been deaf to their own voices for 2 years.

Normally this would be a devastating blow to elected Democrats – what journalist would have them back on television after they’d been exposed as straight-up lying every time they’d been on their shows ? Luckily for them there aren’t any journalists left in the media.

Schiff was on MSNBC and not one single clip of his previous pronouncements was even alluded to, let alone played. Fox News played some ( there are too many to play them all ) , but these people wouldn’t go near Fox News before , they surely won’t get into the same zip code as Fox now.

Democrats scrambled, scheduling a 3:00 pm conference call for Saturday on how to coordinate their messaging in the wake of the Mueller report contradicting everything they’d been saying. It’s likely there was feverish focus-grouping beforehand , hunting for the best way to convince an angry mob that even though everything they’d been promised was so really wasn’t , it doesn’t matter somehow. Oh , to have been a fly on the wall there.

Friday night was fun – like watching an obnoxious kid wrestle with discovering the truth about Santa. But it was just one day. Liberals will choke down their crap sandwich , brush their teeth , and get right back on to work attempting to undo the 2016 election. They’ll do it with the media on their side , zero shame or sense of decency.

This is how they win – they play the long game and don’t let anything stand in the way of their goals. If Republicans don’t learn to counter it , to fight the way they do , to beat them until they don’t have the energy to cry for mercy , every GOP victory will be temporary. Friday was glorious , but it’s not Friday anymore. Our opponents are not done , we shouldn’t be either.

Source: Mueller Delivers Liberals A Giant Crap Sandwich