Keen Observation …

Suicide Of The West

We are experiencing the decline of a great civilization as it commits suicide. Here in America we have elected Dimocrats. They are in the process of destroying our once great cities yet still the inhabitants of these cities keep electing them. What sort of craziness is this? It’s collective suicide.

We have had a bunch of crazy people convince us that carbon dioxide, which is essential for plant life on earth, is a dangerous gas. Therefore, we should not burn fossil fuels to create electricity. We must rely on wind and solar. For some reason we must also shut down our nuke plants.

On a side note, Jane Fonda, besides being a traitor during the Viet Nam War, also led the fight against nuclear power with that stupid China Syndrome movie. She now has cancer. Unfortunately, it’s treatable so she can continue to live and continue her fight against global warming. She’s always on the wrong side.

Angela Merkel had Germany shut down its nuke plants in favor of windmills. How’s that working out Germans? You voted for it. Suicide.

Trump warned them about relying on Russia for natural gas. They laughed at him. Are you Krauts still laughing? Streetlights have been turned off leading to higher crime by the immigrants Merkel brought in. Buildings are dark at night. Soon winter will arrive and the Germans will freeze. Fire up those coal fired plants.

We take climate advice from an autistic high school dropout. She claims we have shattered her dreams. Wait until Greta hits a light switch and nothing happens and she freezes in the dark. How’s that dream Gretard?

Our civilization is built on fossil fuels and we have idiots who think we can eliminate them. Look at California which is gonna ban internal combustion engine cars after 2030 but just recently told electric car owners not to charge their cars because there isn’t enough electricity. Wind and solar just ain’t cutting it. California is run by idiots who are elected by idiots. Remember, how California goes, the country goes. Suicide.

Our border is being overrun by Third World immigrants and they’re bringing the Third World with them. This is what happened to the Roman Empire. They let the Goths in and the Western Empire was no more. Suicide.

The entire West is like this from Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and the rest of Europe. We have elected idiots to lead us and they are leading us to collective suicide. It’s not a pretty sight.

Why have the majority of the people in the West gone batshit crazy ?

I saw America at the height of its power. Now I may witness the country descend into chaos as it commits collective suicide.


From Grouchy Old Cripple

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