Stroller Troller ! …

One suspect has been arrested and a second is still being sought after a stolen Amazon package containing a $1,500 stroller was later found listed for sale online.

On Nov. 24, Amazon delivered a pricey new stroller to the doorstep of a Surrey home. A short time later, security footage showed a car with its trunk open pulling up to the door, followed by a woman exiting the car to grab the package and jamming it into the trunk before getting back into the car and driving away.

The following day, the woman who ordered the stroller noticed what she believed was the same stroller listed for sale online. She reached out to police, who traced the listing back to a male suspect in Burnaby.

Two days after the theft, police executed a search warrant at the suspect’s Burnaby home. The stroller, still in its original Amazon delivery box, was recovered, along with a stolen Mercedes-Benz that is believed to have been the vehicle used in the theft …

Go figure !!! … No point in actually purchasing a car to go rip off other peoples merchandise is there !!! …

And BTW … WTF spends 1,500 bucks on a stroller the kid will most likely outgrow in a year ?!!! … Who’s it made by ? … PORSHE ?!!! …

Source: Arrest made after stolen Amazon package found listed for sale online | Vancouver Sun

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