Here we go !!! … ” Can I ask someone if they got a COVID shot ? “…


When a west-end Ottawa children’s clothing shop re-opened to in-store shopping last Friday, its owners asked that customers provide visual proof of vaccination — “1st vaccine at least.”

The requirement for proof, however, was quickly dropped after some clients condemned the condition as a form of “segregation.”

So begins the dance around vaccine etiquette.

As some provinces mull over the idea of vaccine passports, Canada’s privacy commissioners have cautioned that, while the benefits could be significant — more personal liberties, fewer restrictions on gatherings — requiring someone to disclose personal health information is an encroachment on civil liberties that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

But what about less formal relationships? When, if ever, is it appropriate to ask whether someone has been vaccinated?

“From an ethical point of view, people could have reasons for not being vaccinated that are absolutely none of my business, or yours either, or anybody’s,” Bowman said. There could be religious objections, though they tend to get exaggerated. He’s looked into the matter quite thoroughly, “and none of the world’s major religions have any problems with vaccines.”

Enter the never-ending , human created fallacy of bullshit ‘ religion ‘ !!! … Not to mention the MYOFB factor !!! …

I ran into a friend I’ve been meaning to contact since I arrived back in town at the beginning of this year … We’re halfway thru June and I spot his tall , lanky son out the back of the pub I’m walkin’ around downtown every day ! … He climbs into a nice new pickup and I jog over to catch his attention … As it’s backin’ out I see my buddy drivin’ and his wife in the passenger !!! ( His son was in the back seat , I thought he was drivin’ ! ) … RIGHT ON ! …

He rolls down the window , I take a few steps toward him and start talkin’ … Now , I used to rent their basement just a few minutes north of town … Now I’ve known him 20 odd years prior to that … BUT !!! … The first thing he says is ” Can ya keep a distance from the truck …

Ya gotta know this … He’s older than me , he’s lived a very ‘ colourful ‘ life … Like me , had all sorts of health scares , drinks bigtime and ‘ trouble ‘ can find him often and he’s always sorted it out !!! … He’s the quintessential ‘ survivor ‘ ! …

Yet even he has been sold on all this Chinky Flu BULLSHIT !!! …

‘Twas a disheartening encounter ….

He was busy at the time , but said to call him soon so we could get together and catch up on the past dozen years or so … I suppose I’ll be wearin’ one of my masks for that …

I tell ya , I didn’t think he’d get consumed by all the nonsense ! …


Source: Can I ask someone if they got a COVID shot? What experts say about vaccine etiquette | National Post

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