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Black Lives Matter . . . yeah, right – except in St. Louis, New Orleans, Baltimore, Detroit, Atlanta, Chicongo . . . . Gotta wonder why BLM and Antifa never seem to attack biker bars, construction sites, or other places where grown alpha males tend to congregate.

Blacks killing blacks with no regrets and no let-up means simply that it’s something that whites shouldn’t concern themselves with, since it’s a purely cultural thing amongst ‘em. “Amfrican” – a hybrid word combining the qualities of whininess and laziness in persons with excessive melanin, characterized by the slogan “Pants Down/Let’s Loot.”

Brutha Jawdge Floyd did NOT die of asphyxiation – he was a drug thug with enough chemicals in his body that day to kill four people. To announce to the world that another career criminal in the mold of Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, and the others is on the path to sainthood as an amfrican role model is more than wrong – it’s friggin insane.

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