Another few designs …

Just getting things started with this good company in Toronto called Toronto Tees … The owner , Joe , is great to get along with and he’s helpin’ me get started. I need to work the quantities of each order up a bit more to really get a more reasonable per shirt cost margin , but for now this is more in the ‘ promotion ‘ department before it ( hopefully ! ) gets to the ‘ merchandising ‘ stage.

I can only sell so many street level in a small town like Bolton … I want to find suitable stores in Toronto , Brampton and Mississauga to sell a dozen or so at a time to , wholesale , and they can sell at the retail level and make their profit.

Some fun to play around with in my forced retirement anyway ! …

The shoulder’s still sore as Hell , but slowly gaining more mobility … It’ll take a while … But time is something ( if my health be willing to cooperate ! ) I have a fair bit of …

Here’s one of the creatures Finn comes across at the shore of the Poethcosean Sea , deep within the cave … It’s from the picture ‘ Eyelevel At Sealevel ‘ …

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