Trump the Omertà Buster – The Deeper Thought

Omertà is a lie- the lie of silence. It derives from a Sicilian word umiltà, which means humility- in the sense of subjecting one’s self to a code of secrecy and feigned ignorance. It is never practiced for honorable or decent reasons. It is the rock that ugly things are hidden under. It is a credo of gangsters and racketeers. Politics is never more than a few steps away from racketeering. When Omertà is in play there is a racket present – you can count on it. And Omertà is everywhere in our politics these days. Our public discourse is blocked and bloated with a constipating mass of subjects that are forbidden- The correctness Omertà. Every one of those unspeakable subjects is the marker of a racket that is protected by the silence.

The Omertà of “The Public Servant” image has protected Mr Biden very well until now. It has portrayed him as a nice guy and a friend of “the little guy”. Even as his family grew rich and, in the process, compromised the interests of the country. That image, created and protected, by his cadre in the media keeps the logical questions suppressed. Let’s just name a few:

Why did he take his drug addicted 50 year old son with him on Air Force Two to China and other places and who paid the expenses?

Where did an utter failure like Hunter get the ideas for all of those scams?

How did Joe get rich on a Senatorial Salary that ws never more than $174,000 a year?

If you ask those questions are you impugning a fine and honorable “Public Servant”? The media have loaded up the image barricade so that you know that is how you will appear. But, while the media serve their own political ideology by protecting Joe and his family (and the Clintons before them), who is watching out for the rest of us?

What the Bidens have done is not a victimless crime. They have contributed to the erosion of our country and our people. With their complicity (or conspiracy!) to sell off (and allow the theft of!) intellectual property to competitors and possible military adversaries, they have impoverished and endangered us all.

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Source: Trump the Omertà Buster – The Deeper Thought

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