Rename Dundas St ?!!! …

A Toronto plan to rename Dundas St. and similarly-named city assets would lead to extensive changes to the city’s transit system and beyond.

On September 8, a proposal was submitted to be reviewed by Toronto’s Executive Committee. The report, which is titled “Responding to the Dundas Street Renaming Petition” estimates that the city could pay $3.02 million if it follows through with the plan.

If approved, street signs, transit routes, parks, 625 bike share stations and other city properties would all need to be revamped to accommodate the change.

The proposal was initiated by the city following a widely-shared petition calling on decision makers to “take a constructive and symbolic step toward disavowing its historic associations with persons who have actively worked toward preserving systems of racial inequality and exploitation.”

The petition goes on to accuse the street’s namesake, the first Viscount Melville, Henry Dundas, of contributing to “colonialism and slavery” in his lifetime.

Toronto Mayor John Tory has since spoken out in support of the plan.

“Considering the renaming of Dundas Street is just the beginning of the work we need to do to build a Toronto where we all belong,” said Tory.

How much time and money is going to be flushed down the toilet on this bullshit ?!!! …

The work you NEED to be concentrating on is fixing crumbling infrastructure , cleaning up numerous shithole areas of the city , focusing on coming out of this HongKongFlu economic disaster … And many more IMPORTANT issues !!! … Not indulging in the whiny cries of today’s product of the Education System’s brainwashed generations , who have absolutely no knowledge or connection with the past …

There’s not a single person alive that was a slave or slave owner … Everyone has the same opportunity to succeed … Or fail …

You’ll never ‘ legislate ‘ thought !!! … So get to work on what NEEDS to be done !!! …

Source: Renaming Dundas St and other Toronto assets would impact city’s transit system – True North

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