$70 million shot in the arm ! …

A stay-at-home dad from Blenheim abandoned his shopping cart in the grocery store, rushed to his car and started to weep after discovering he had won the only winning ticket for the $70 million Lotto Max jackpot.

Adrian Olmstead, 44, won the jackpot from the April 14 draw. He says he phoned his mom while still in the grocery store parking lot who heard him crying and was instantly worried — only to be shocked at the news he would give.

“I went into the local grocery store, saw there was no one at the Ticket Checker and checked four tickets in my pocket,” Olmstead said at the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto. “From the first three tickets I only had a Free Play but when I scanned the fourth ticket, I saw ‘Big Winner’ and thought I saw $70,000 flashing. I checked it a few more times and was stunned to realize it was $70 million!”

Adrian O

The father of two rushed out of the store and went into his truck to make the call and let her know of the life-changing fortune he’d just discovered he won.

“I told her, ‘These are tears of joy Mom because I just won $70 million with LOTTO MAX!’ I had to repeat myself a few times because she was in shock,” Olmstead said. “But when reality sunk in, my mom, who never swears, yelled a few expletives!”

“My priority is that we live a good life, but I want to raise my children to know the value of a dollar, understand the meaning of hard work and to teach them how to provide for themselves when they are adults,” he said.

I like it when ( all too rarely !!! ) a level headed individual , of a reasonable age wins big ! … Not to young to make a balls of it and not too old to enjoy it ( which turns relatives and friends into vultures ) …

Congrats Adrian !!! …

Source: Blenheim, Ont. man wins $70 million playing Lotto Max …

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