Suspect bailed out by Minnesota Freedom Fund …

A violent daytime assault last week has left a well-liked Minneapolis bar manager with a traumatic brain injury and a long road to recovery. The alleged perpetrator is a violent offender who was charged just a month ago in another violent assault and was provided bail by the Minnesota Freedom Fund just days prior to last week’s assault.

The victim, who has asked not to be identified by name, stepped out the back door at Mac’s Industrial Sports Bar on East Hennepin Avenue on Friday, Aug. 14 and was apparently viciously attacked by a suspect during a robbery attempt. The victim is a bar manager at Mac’s.

Charges filed this week in Hennepin County against the suspect, Lionel Melaki Timms, 32, say that he repeatedly hit and kicked the victim in the head during the attack and left him lying in the alley unable to defend himself.

Timms also has a lengthy record of arrests and a history of convictions for violent crimes. In 2012, Timms was charged in a series of burglaries in Minnetonka and Maple Grove. He was subsequently convicted on three felony counts of first-degree burglary of occupied dwellings, which is defined as a violent crime under Minnesota law. Timms also has two other prior convictions for first-degree burglary, as well as felony narcotics and two convictions for felony auto theft. Public records indicate that Timms may also have a criminal history in other states.

I don’t know if that state has the death penalty … But if it does … USE IT !!! … This asshole is a complete waste of air !!! … If not … Jail for at least 30 years … HARD LABOUR  !!! …

Concerns were raised earlier this month when it was reported by Fox 9 that MFF, a non-profit that collected $35 million in donations on the premise of providing bail for protesters arrested during the George Floyd demonstrations, has been using the money to bail out violent offenders in Minnesota.

The Fox 9 report listed those bailed out as an accused murderer, a sex offender with two new cases involving sexual assault and kidnapping, and another person who is charged with attempted murder for firing at officers during the riots that followed Floyd’s death.

Throw all these assholes in jail as well !!! …

Source: Suspect bailed out by Minnesota Freedom Fund leaves bar manager with traumatic brain injury in violent assault – Alpha News

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