” We pay top dollar for your vote !!! “…

This budget does not balance itself.

In the fourth budget delivered by Finance Minister Bill Morneau , the deficit is set to ring in at $19.8 billion , up from $14.9 billion for last year.

And in the years to come , it is deficits as far as the eye can see.

“ The most important promise we made to Canadians is that we would invest in their futures ” Morneau said when asked why he didn’t keep the promise to balance the books this year. 

Forget about all that other bullshit … Focus on this ! …

What exactly the government is investing in isn’t clear. Maybe that’s because they are taking a shotgun approach and spreading money liberally in all directions.

The government will spend $500 million year on a fund for prescription drugs that target rare diseases and will establish an office to look at setting up a national pharmacare plan but won’t actually establish a national pharmacare plan.

They will establish a program through Canada Mortgage and Housing that will commit $1.25 billion over three years on home affordability.

And they will even offer up what they call “ universal high-speed internet.”

Yes , high-speed internet is now a government program and the Trudeau Liberals will spend $5 billion-$6 billion over the next 10 years to build out internet services that meet government standards to rural , remote and northern communities.

Ah Bill … You’re not gonna compete with these Silicon Valley billionaires !!! …

There is even a program to help you get skills training — even if the training you take has nothing to do with your current job.

Finance Minister Bill Morneau had suggested a national program for prescription drugs would be part of the budget ; instead there will be a new national drug agency to look into working with the provinces and territories to drive down costs through bulk purchasing.

“ This would help individual Canadians — such as seniors — and their families afford the medicines they need. It would support the sustainability of the drug plans they rely on today, and pave the way for national pharmacare tomorrow ” Morneau said in the House of Commons.

Again , this is simply a ‘ promise ‘ to ‘ look into it ‘ … He has stated no ‘ concrete ‘ viable plan as to how to go about it … Just spend MORE money by paying a bunch of people to sit around a conference table and chat about it for months , years on end ! …

David MacDonald, senior economist with the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives — a left wing think tank — supports the idea.

“This is a step in the right direction,” MacDonald said.

What direction that would be though isn’t clear. The government is simply going to study the idea and attempt to come up with a national formulary of which drugs are covered in what the government calls “an evidence-based list.”

Well of course !!! … Is a Left wing nutjob !!! …

Clearly this aligns perfectly with Kid Selfie’s ‘ Don’t worry , the budget will balance itself ‘ nonsense and amounts to appealing to the young and uneducated , immigrants and everyone else that’s only interested in handouts …

Really … Despite the enormous , collective cost to the taxpayer … 50 bucks a YEAR … Makes little difference to anyone’s financial situation … 

Getting a ‘ tax credit ‘ for a couple hundred bucks annually on a mortgage for almost half a million dollar house is by no means a ‘ deal maker ‘ for putting yourself in , for most people , WAY your head in debt for a house …

Now remember you liberal voting schmucks … Junior ‘ promised ‘ he was going to balance the budget this year to get elected in 2015 … 

Do you really think any of THESE ‘ promises ‘ mean diddlyshit as well ?!

Source: LILLEY: Budget spends big — but on what? | Toronto Sun

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