Liberals NEED Conservative playbook for Dairy sector …

Faced with an anxious dairy industry poised to complicate the next federal election for the Liberals — particularly in rural ridings in Quebec and Ontario — the federal Liberals are reviving the previous Conservative government’s compensation plan to ease the pain of recent trade agreements.

Ironic doncha think !!! … Takin a page outta Herr Harper’s playbook !!! … The Libs are really sensin’ an end to there elongated honeymoon with the , now , fed up public ! …

Between trade agreements already in effect — with the European Union and Pacific Rim trading partners — and the still-unratified rewrite of the North American free trade agreement , dairy farmers have said they believe at least ten per cent of Canada’s dairy market has been given up to foreign suppliers going forward.

Poultry and egg farmers are also at risk of losing significant shares of their supply-managed markets to American producers if the new NAFTA proceeds.

This is why we Canadians keep getting hosed by the propped up farmers in Ontario and KBec … Don’t get me wrong , farming is pretty much a 18 hour a day toil , 7 days a week , but … Hey , if ya can’t compete , get outta the business … I’m tired of paying fixed , inflated prices …

In their defense tho …” There’s recognition that harm has been done. And that those revenue losses will be ongoing in the dairy industry ” said David Wiens , who represents Manitoba on the board of the Dairy Farmers of Canada.

While this prospect of help is welcome … ” To be in a situation where we’re having to receive compensation from the government would not have been the choice of any dairy farmer in the country.”

Dairy concessions were the price Canada had to pay to be part of all three of these trade deals. Wiens said farmers were asked to ” take one for the team ” for the sake of the country’s overall economic growth.

Yeah … Trump ‘ out dealed ’em with reality …

But Harper had a plan for that , one which the incoming Liberals chose to ignore  …

Officials said Tuesday that process isn’t over. In the meantime, this federal budget shows what’s being offered to counter the negative effects of both CETA and the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership ( CPTPP ) , both of which took effect at the end of the year:

  • Up to $2.15 billion in ” support to sustain the incomes of eligible dairy , poultry and egg farmers ” that will be ” available in the coming years to deal with income losses associated with these agreements.”
  • A $1.5 billion ” quota value guarantee program ” to protect the value of investments made by farmers if they are forced to sell their quota at reduced prices because new foreign competition has undermined the value of quota in what is now a less-protected market.

It’s the same approach the Tories took to trade compensation :

One pool of funds available for demonstrated income losses and to help rural communities with the transition , and a second pool to protect farmers and commercial lenders ( who may have financed farm investments ) from reduced quota values.

” The structure of it is very similar , almost identical ” said Rachel Curran , who was Stephen Harper’s director of policy at the time. ” It looks like the aid package for farmers was essentially lifted from the 2015 campaign announcement.”

But now that they’re scrambling … They quickly get ‘ right on it ‘ , never having a plan of their own for it from the start ! … And Junior was the one ‘ negotiating ‘ the NAFTA with Trump ! …

The Conservatives’ $4.3 billion package from 2015 was criticized as overly-generous , Curran said. ” It was expected, at that point , that actual losses [ from the TPP ] would not be anywhere near those numbers.”

The concessions made in the new NAFTA are larger than those Canada made to get the former TPP , she noted.

But offering $3.9 billion without real details ? ” This looks like almost a last-minute insertion ” Curran said , calling it a ” defensive cover-off.”

” It’s almost certainly a response to supply-managed farmers , who are well-organized, and well-funded , and they have no hesitation running advertising campaigns against the government or criticizing the government if they feel that they’re not being properly supported ” she said.

” This was almost certainly put in place to forestall that in advance of the 2019 election. Guaranteed.”

You can take that to the bank Rachel !!! …

Source: Liberals dust off Conservative playbook for a worried dairy sector | CBC News

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