Nixon , Ford , the Clinton’s , the Kennedy’s , etal … What’s the diff ?! …

Another Canadian take on the ‘ biggie ‘ issue to our south … Mark Bonokoski from the Sun …

The LavScam scandal has burned up so much oxygen here on the home front that U.S. President Donald Trump must think Canadian pundits have demoted him to a mere curiosity piece.

That is hardly possible, of course.

Trump’s as unpredictable as any loose cannon created, and therefore impossible to ignore.

Last week, however, was not the best of days for the president, as former confidantes prepared for jail but prayed for pardons.

Las Vegas bookmakers, who had previously given ridiculous 6-4 odds that Trump would either resign or be impeached before the end of his first term, had the chances of Trump’s ex-campaign manager, Paul Manafort, getting a presidential pardon increase from 3-1 odds to 2-1 odds.

All realistic bets were off, however, of the same being granted to his former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, who eviscerated his boss when he voluntarily testified before a congressional committee and called him a lying, racist crook.

I’m still reserving a thought for the possibility that Mikey’s still workin’ for the Trumpster … Whatching much of his testimony , I picked up on several ‘ key ‘ answers to questions … Definitely taking a fall … But could still be part of the plan to beat the whole dishonest ‘ swamp ‘ at its’ own game …

Bono’s take continues …That was the end of that bromance.

Even before his conviction for a wide variety of illegal acts — violating campaign finance laws, paying off Trump’s mistress for silence, perjury and blackmail — Cohen was already a 33-1 long shot for a pardon.

Now the bookies were giving him the same odds as Major League Baseball’s worst team the Baltimore Orioles winning next year’s World Series.

As for Manafort ,Trump, after all, has repeatedly called him a “good man.”

Trump can use his power as president to pardon Manafort because all his convictions thus far involved federal crimes, which put them in Trump’s bailiwick.

On Wednesday, U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson sentenced this “good man” to three-and-a-half years in prison for misleading the U.S. government about his foreign lobbying and encouraging witnesses to back him up with lies.

Getting back to my point earlier , three and a half years in a ‘ cushy ‘ incarceration would easily be worth a pot of gold at the end of the stay …

But then the New York State stepped up and charged Manafort with 16 of its jurisdictional felonies which, if Manafort is convicted, are beyond Trump’s power to pardon.

Cuz after all , Democratic New York HATES Trump and we all know what sparkling clean politics are practiced there !!! …

So, the show ain’t over yet, As one editorial in a Georgia newspaper vividly described the entire scenario, “Americans saw up close the kind of amoral grifters and groveling sycophants that Trump has long surrounded himself with. Cohen, Manafort, Gates, Flynn, Papadopoulos, Stone-all Trump loyalists who have been indicted, or are facing prison time.”

“Let’s be honest: They’re all rats, a den of thieves,” the editorial earnestly continued. “But it was Trump who brought that group of lowlifes into his orbit. He was the Don, the Godfather of a gang of petty crooks and kooks. Trump’s universe is the Sopranos of hucksters, a cartel of egos and eccentrics.”

So in other words … Quite adept at matching the long standing tactics of the ‘ swamp’s ‘ own game …

Source: BONOKOSKI: Donald Trump and his ‘amoral grifters and groveling sycophants’ | Toronto Sun

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