Trudeau goes mosque-hoppin’ …

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is visiting the Muslim community in Ottawa Sunday after 50 people were killed in a terrorist attack at a mosque in Christchurch , New Zealand.

What’s he gonna do now ? … Apologize ‘ for Canada ‘ that some nutjob halfway ’round the globe in New Zealand sent 50 odd people to have an eternal chat with Allah ?!!! …

Trudeau will be at the South Nepean Muslim Community mosque in Barrhaven at around 6:30 p.m. for a private meeting with members of the congregation.

A spokesperson for the prime minister said the visit aims to show his solidarity with the Muslim community following the ” senseless ” terrorist attack in Christchurch.

Fifty people were killed and another 41 were injured in attacks at two mosques filled with worshippers Friday.

New Zealand’s prime minister called it one of the country’s ” darkest days.”

It does nothing to console people here in Canada , who in turn have nothing to do with it … We … All sane people know that this is unacceptable , violent and to be eradicated … But Junior has rather imprtant business to attend to and he can do absolutely nothing at Barrhaven …

Not that he can do much anywhere else in Ottawa for that matter !!! …


Source: Trudeau to visit mosque after Christchurch terror attack | CBC News

Can ya here the ‘ Tick Tick Tick ‘ Junior ? …

It took Kathleen Wynne’s Ontario Liberals a decade to dig itself into such a deep hole that it lost party status.

The same disease is now afflicting the governing federal Liberals. But, instead of incrementally losing touch with reality, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is in a free-fall seven months before the election and after only three years in power. Trudeau thinks acting the role of Prime Minister instead of actually doing the job is good enough.


Just about everyone who’s familiar with Lavscam sees a government out of touch with reality.The only exceptions are a clutch of politicos in the Prime Minister’s Office and the Privy Council Office. And the PCO head Michael Wernick’s disgraceful appearances at the Justice Committee show that he’s unfit for the job , shooting Trudeau’s partisan bullets at Jody Wilson-Raybould.

Outside government , wacky Sheila Copps of Rat Pack fame and loopy Toronto Star columnist Heather Mallick think everything’s fine. Nothing to see here.

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development is reviewing Canada’s compliance with the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention. That’s the kind of review you’d expect of developing countries rife with corruption.

Interestingly , Trudeau and his bunch of gofers justified harassing Wilson-Raybould into a deferred prosecution agreement by claiming they could save 9,000 jobs. But a country being under an OECD bribery investigation sends bad vibes to international businesses who might want to invest in Canada.


How serious is Trudeau taking this ?…

He gave a press conference where his spinners were suggesting ahead of time , he would be contrite , maybe even apologetic. Not a chance. It was our former substitute drama teacher at his best. Appearing calm , speaking slowly , Trudeau blamed Wilson-Raybould for not coming to him with her protests. She , of course , has presented very compelling evidence to the contrary.

Source: MARIN: PM Justin Trudeau in free-fall as election approaches | Toronto Sun

See what happens when ya let ’em take calculators into math class !!! …

As I began to read this little well styled venting from The R n’ R … I couldn’t help myself of recalling a similar occurrence years ago …

 I was paying for my 11 or so items at the express til … Eggs , bread … Just odds and sods … NO steak or pricey items whatsoever … I add up in my noggin as I go , purposely rounding up slightly and low ballin’ the odd item to compensate … When the time comes for the ‘ Einstein ‘ on the cash clicks ‘ total ‘ , I’ve got the appropriate amount of cash poised ready …

This particular time , this one , another young lass , looks straight at me and states some figure like 79.85 or something !!! …

I chuckle a bit , feel sorry for her ‘ genetic gormlessness ‘ and state … ” I think you may have ‘ typo’d ‘ … Try again “..

She did … Followed up with a sheepish giggle and off I went …

Fortunately for her , I was in an amiable mood , and she was spared a lecture …

RR has a good tale of his own and spins his yarn with delightful sarcasm …

Myself , at the local chocolatier’s establishment yesternight :

” I’d like half a dozen thingamajigs , please.”

Retarded Minion of Stupidity employed by said chocolatier :
” How many thingamajigs would you like ? “…

Myself :
” Half a dozen , please.”

Retarded Minion , now looking thoroughly bumflustercated :
“Um … how many would that be ? “…

Myself , thankful that Retarded Minion is juuuuuust barely beyond range of a polite roundhouse slap to the side of the head sufficient to loosen fillings :
” That would be six thingamajigs , please.”

Retarded Minion , flooded with obvious relief at being freed from further mathemagical distress and consternation :
” Ah !…Yes , six , got it.”

Gobsmacked : Not only an actual thing , but frequently also the solution to the problem.

The bill for the thingamajigs was then announced as $6.96 , whereupon I handed her a $5 bill and two singles , and I swear for a moment it looked as if she was going to have to take off her shoes to count , and failing that ploy , be forced to use her lifeline to call the engineers at NASA to correctly calculate that she owed me 4¢ in change thereof.

Which is by way of noting that she was old enough to vote , and English-fluent , but that clearly second grade mathematics had completely kicked her ass, and she should be beaten with a stout rod until she could master the fundamentals of basic math.

That the common phrase ” half a dozen ” baffled the blistering fuck out of her suggests that the manager there is similarly a lackwit in urgent need of a new job in either the custodial maintenance or street-level recycling industries.

Retarded Minion’s ( undoubtedly Common Core public education ) teachers , to the last one , should be horsewhipped until their flesh is ripped off and the bones show , and then put up against a wall and shot … Slowly , starting at the toes , and working up to more important parts … Put in charge of the firing party , I should make them each count the rounds as they were fired.

I swear to Buddha , I’m going back there tomorrow , and if she’s still employed there , I’m going to pay her with $2 bills and $1 coins , just to watch her head explode against the walls.

And these sorts of fucktards are going to get $15/hr in a couple of years ? …
The economy will collapse. Civilization is doomed. You read it here first.

Ron White was wrong : I CAN fix this kind of stupid , but you’ve got to allow me to use a big enough hammer.

At any rate , a couple of more of these incidents , and I’m going to abandon all civility , and start going full-on As Good As It Gets on these morons , to reduce them to tears as a policy , and sport.

Source: Raconteur Report

Nixon , Ford , the Clinton’s , the Kennedy’s , etal … What’s the diff ?! …

Another Canadian take on the ‘ biggie ‘ issue to our south … Mark Bonokoski from the Sun …

The LavScam scandal has burned up so much oxygen here on the home front that U.S. President Donald Trump must think Canadian pundits have demoted him to a mere curiosity piece.

That is hardly possible, of course.

Trump’s as unpredictable as any loose cannon created, and therefore impossible to ignore.

Last week, however, was not the best of days for the president, as former confidantes prepared for jail but prayed for pardons.

Las Vegas bookmakers, who had previously given ridiculous 6-4 odds that Trump would either resign or be impeached before the end of his first term, had the chances of Trump’s ex-campaign manager, Paul Manafort, getting a presidential pardon increase from 3-1 odds to 2-1 odds.

All realistic bets were off, however, of the same being granted to his former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, who eviscerated his boss when he voluntarily testified before a congressional committee and called him a lying, racist crook.

I’m still reserving a thought for the possibility that Mikey’s still workin’ for the Trumpster … Whatching much of his testimony , I picked up on several ‘ key ‘ answers to questions … Definitely taking a fall … But could still be part of the plan to beat the whole dishonest ‘ swamp ‘ at its’ own game …

Bono’s take continues …That was the end of that bromance.

Even before his conviction for a wide variety of illegal acts — violating campaign finance laws, paying off Trump’s mistress for silence, perjury and blackmail — Cohen was already a 33-1 long shot for a pardon.

Now the bookies were giving him the same odds as Major League Baseball’s worst team the Baltimore Orioles winning next year’s World Series.

As for Manafort ,Trump, after all, has repeatedly called him a “good man.”

Trump can use his power as president to pardon Manafort because all his convictions thus far involved federal crimes, which put them in Trump’s bailiwick.

On Wednesday, U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson sentenced this “good man” to three-and-a-half years in prison for misleading the U.S. government about his foreign lobbying and encouraging witnesses to back him up with lies.

Getting back to my point earlier , three and a half years in a ‘ cushy ‘ incarceration would easily be worth a pot of gold at the end of the stay …

But then the New York State stepped up and charged Manafort with 16 of its jurisdictional felonies which, if Manafort is convicted, are beyond Trump’s power to pardon.

Cuz after all , Democratic New York HATES Trump and we all know what sparkling clean politics are practiced there !!! …

So, the show ain’t over yet, As one editorial in a Georgia newspaper vividly described the entire scenario, “Americans saw up close the kind of amoral grifters and groveling sycophants that Trump has long surrounded himself with. Cohen, Manafort, Gates, Flynn, Papadopoulos, Stone-all Trump loyalists who have been indicted, or are facing prison time.”

“Let’s be honest: They’re all rats, a den of thieves,” the editorial earnestly continued. “But it was Trump who brought that group of lowlifes into his orbit. He was the Don, the Godfather of a gang of petty crooks and kooks. Trump’s universe is the Sopranos of hucksters, a cartel of egos and eccentrics.”

So in other words … Quite adept at matching the long standing tactics of the ‘ swamp’s ‘ own game …

Source: BONOKOSKI: Donald Trump and his ‘amoral grifters and groveling sycophants’ | Toronto Sun

Back room , closed door sleaze …

The leadership campaign of Jason Kenney collaborated with fellow candidate Jeff Callaway’s campaign during the party’s 2017 United Conservative Party leadership race, leaked internal UCP documents obtained by CBC News show.

The leaked cache of documents show Kenney’s campaign provided Callaway with resources including strategic political direction, media and debate talking points, speeches, videos, and attack advertisements, all aimed at undermining Kenney’s main political rival, Brian Jean.

The documents also show Matt Wolf, a senior Kenney campaign staffer and his current deputy chief of staff, communicated regularly with Callaway’s communications manager Cameron Davies, and also on occasion, with Callaway’s campaign manager, Randy Kerr.

A document prepared by Davies for the office of Alberta’s election commissioner, with whom he is cooperating, alleges the Kenney campaign made a concerted effort to recruit a “stalking horse” candidate for the specific purpose of attacking Jean, the former Wildrose leader.

The documents include several emails between Wolf, Davies, Kerr, and sometimes Callaway. The emails reveal Wolf and the Kenney campaign were providing not just communications support, but also planned, regular strategic political direction throughout Callaway’s campaign.

In a telephone interview Saturday, Davies confirmed to CBC News the campaigns had even decided in advance when Callaway would quit the race.

An email adds that “by this time we hope Jean has attacked Jeff, lost his cool in a debate or two, gone off script to the media so we can release a series of ‘Screamin’ Jean’ SoundCloud files in which he is screaming at the [executive committee].”

The police investigation is “not about our campaign; it is about someone else’s leadership campaign from 18 months ago,” Kenney said Friday at an unrelated news conference, adding later that “all I can tell you is that the campaign that I ran was in full compliance with all of the financial and legal requirements.”

An emailed statement from UCP executive director Janice Harrington simply repeated the claim made previously by Kenney that there was communication between his campaign and the Callaway campaign and this was “perfectly normal in a preferential ballot election and was within the rules of the 2017 UCP Leadership Election.”

Harrington also included a statement from another leadership contender, Doug Schweitzer, a lawyer, who said he and his campaign team “kept lines of communications open with all other registered, and prospective candidates in the UCP leadership race.

And these assholes all call themselves ‘ honourable ‘ ?! …


Source: Kenney, Callaway campaigns collaborated to attack Brian Jean during UCP leadership race, leaked documents show | CBC News