Skirting Around Islamophobia ?! …

Andrew Scheer was an anomaly among major party leaders Friday for failing to immediately and explicitly denounce Islamophobia in the wake of attacks at two New Zealand mosques that has left at least 49 people dead.

The terrorist attacks happened in Christchurch. A gunman livestreamed parts of the rampage , shot at worshippers , and called immigrants ” invaders.”

The Conservative leader , who was among the first international politicians to respond , subscribed the deadly violence as an attack on ” freedom.”

Now from what I read … This is very well spoken , yet this write ( and an ex-Director of Communications for Stephan Harper ) are basically demanding he pander to the hysterical  ‘ social supremists ‘ and beg forgiveness for all things Allah !!! …

Scheer tweets ;

Andrew Scheer

Freedom has come under attack in New Zealand as peaceful worshippers are targeted in a despicable act of evil. All people must be able to practice their faith freely and without fear. 1/2

There are no words strong enough to condemn this kind of vile hatred. I am praying for peace for the families of those lost and recovery for those injured. 2/2

The writer of this article thinks agrees with this clown and thinks he missed the mark ;

Andrew MacDougall@AGMacDougall

Delete and try again. Name the place of worship. Name their religion. Put your arms around them. Condemn the specific pathology that drove their killer(s).

SHIT !!! Ya left out ‘ grovel ‘ Andy ! …

Hcheer is just boiling it right down to THEE two key issues … Freedom to go about your peaceful business , and zero tolerance for acts of hatred …

Don’t continue with this ‘ politispeak ‘ of ‘ certain pathology ‘ and ‘ islamophobia ‘ … This asshole wasn’t ‘ in fear ‘ of anybody , nor is anyone else that disagrees with allowing a large swath of a people who are so out of touch and contradictory to the social structure of western society and civilization , he chose to go ‘ hutjob ‘ with it …

Far more people can see a very concerning problem with this , more or less , uncontrolled integration , but have absolutely NO tolerence for this behavior whatsoever …

And THAT is what Andrew Scheer stated …

People such as the writer of this article and MacDougall are spending more time concerning themselves with how ‘ they ‘ want to hear it talked about , rather than the actual atrocity in the first place !!! …

Who’s the asshole here ?! …



Source: Andrew Scheer Condemns ‘Vile Hatred’ Behind New Zealand Attack While Skirting Around Islamophobia | HuffPost Canada

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