All parties are dead … Move on !!! …

As the issue of reparations for victims of slavery rages within the Democratic party, and on cable news stations, we encounter a common problem: virtually no one is addressing the specifics of how such a reparations effort would be administered.

Who would receive these reparations payments ? … Who would pay them ? … How would guilt and victimhood be determined ? …

As is usually the case with American policy debates , this ‘ debate ‘ offers little more than an opportunity for pundits and activists to grandstand on related issues such as poverty and race — while avoiding the central topic at hand Support or opposition then becomes nothing more than a matter of affirming one’s political loyalties. The actual issue of reparations — and how they’ll be paid out — is mostly ignored.

It is important to remember, however , that there is nothing necessarily problematic about the idea of paying reparations to the victims of a crime. In fact , the idea is essentially pro-private-property because it attempts to repay a victim for property stolen from him or her by another party.

After al l, any decent legal system would provide for a victim of kidnapping and forced labor to obtain repayment for the time and labor stolen from him by the kidnapper.

But here’s the rub : in order to do this with an eye toward justice, one must identify specific victims and specific perpetrators.

PRECISELY !!! … This is another one I’ve been statin’ the same thing about for decades !!! … Both the perpetrators and victims are ALL DEAD !!! …

Therefore , not only is there no one to ‘ pay restitution ‘ , there is no one that is under any obligation to ‘ apologize ‘ … As our daft PM has taken upon himself to tour Canada doing so …

An acknowledgement is a respectable gesture … Basically … ‘ Nuff said …


Source: What’s the Problem with ‘Reparations’? | Intellectual Takeout

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