Social engineering and liberals’ warped sense of justice …

If somebody tells you that basketball in the U.S. is not diverse enough and discriminates against Asian- and European-descended people because most of the players are black , you and every basketball fan will laugh to death …

I have not seen any complaint about the high number of Indian-Americans in the hospitality sector or high number of Asian-Americans in nail salons …  

But when you are told that most of the mathematicians are male , someone may jump to the conclusion that something is wrong with our educational system.  

Why is that ? … Why does asking for more diversity ( in numbers ) seem ridiculous in one area and legitimate in another ? … Is there a legal impediment for women to choose math as their major and career ? … Is there a social taboo about this ? … Do people have a choice to do what they want to do with their lives ? …

I’ve been saying this for decades … Obviously , for example ,there aren’t too many woman welders around these parts ( I’ve seen a couple tho , and one was pretty damn good ! ) not because they are being discriminated against , but because there is also a physical requirement that few ( some may ) possess and simply because even fewer are not interested in that line of work …

Likewise gettin’ covered in drywall dust and plasters and such in the construction trade … If more did … We’d see more woman on the bar stools across the country around 5 or 6 o’clock , all lookin’ at their watches before they say yes to the bartender about havin’ another …

Ironically ( I find some irony in this , anyway ) this piece was written by one Majid Mohammadi … 

This double standard goes back to the change of social values in the last couple of decades in some parts of the East and West Coasts of the U.S.  American media and academia have been successful in indoctrinating four ideas in this period :

1. To evaluate equality or any other value and norm , you do not need to look at the laws, policies , and gradual historical achievements ; just look at sex and race configuration. Even the percentage of racial populations (12 percent black Americans , 14 percent Latinos ) does not matter.  The believers in the religion of diversity will tell you that ” wherever minorities together are not the majority , there is racism.”

2. America is a racist country. This nonsense is based on ” white male dominance.”  Wherever ” white males ” have the majority , you should look for injustice and racism , even if it is donut-baking or the dairy industry. This is a doctrine that is not supposed to be verified by evidence.

3. Legal equality does not matter ; each and every ” white ” person should confess his racist attitudes , and each and every non-white person has been a victim , even people who have been naturalized in the last 20 years and have no experience of the racial divide in this country.

4. If you want to understand a social phenomenon , just look at the sex , race and ethnicity configuration. Forget about hundreds of other indicators that address individual and group characteristics.

He goes on to opine about how the ‘ left ‘ exploits this sort of thinking … Hit the link for the rest of his article …

Source: Social engineering and liberals’ warped sense of justice

My , my … How Con-VEEEEN-ient !!! …

Obviously , a while back , the NDP asked the ethics watchdog to look into the matter of SNC-Lavalin to trial on bribery and fraud charges.

Dion said there was sufficient cause to investigate Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for a possible contravention of Section 9 of the Conflict of Interest Act. That section prohibits any official responsible for high level decision-making in government from seeking to influence the decision of another person to ” improperly further another person’s private interests.”

So , last month , Dion announced he’d investigate claims that the Prime Minister’s Office pressured former attorney general Jody Wilson-Raybould to help Quebec engineering firm SNC-Lavalin avoid criminal prosecution.

SOOOoooo … Now we have this … Timely , unfortunate occurrence …

Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner Mario Dion , the man looking into potential violations of federal ethics rules in the SNC-Lavalin affair , is stepping away temporarily from his duties for health reasons.

A statement issued by his office today says Dion will be away for a ” prolonged period for medical reasons.”

” Commissioner Dion will resume his duties as soon as he is able to do so ” says the release. ” We hope you will join employees of the Office in expressing our best wishes for Commissioner Dion’s health. We would request continued respect for the privacy of Commissioner Dion and his family at this time.”

BUT !!! …

Dion’s office said it will continue to gather information on ongoing investigations and offer MPs and other public office holders advice.

” Despite these exceptional circumstances , the work of the Office will continue ” says the statement.

Sure it will …

Source: Ethics watchdog probing SNC-Lavalin affair taking ‘prolonged’ medical leave | CBC News

America … O’er The Land Of The Meat-Free and The Home Of The Enslaved …

Bill de Blasio , Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other Communists in the Democrat party are now trying to control how much meat Americans eat.

The government believes that vegetarian meals , which are deficient in many vitamins and minerals only found in meat and poultry , are “ healthier ” for Americans , so that’s what will be served to the kids on Mondays.

“ Cutting back on meat a little will improve New Yorkers’ health and reduce greenhouse gas emissions ” De Blasio said … “ We’re expanding Meatless Mondays to all public schools to keep our lunch and planet green for generations to come.”

Where do these people get off thinking they can dictate what people eat ?! …

Every Monday I’d make a point of sendin’ the little tyke to school with one of these and a tupperware full o’ wings !!! …


Image result for chicken wings


Related image


Ya gotta love dead cows and chickens broiled over an open flame !!! … HEY !!! … At least that’s one cow that ain’t fartin’ anymore !!! …



Think about this people …


2019VCphoto copy


Not only that , now they are trying to get the legal voting age reduced all the way down to 16 , are also trying to circumvent the Electoral College and have been caught red handed fucking with multiple elections.

These motherfuckers are desperate.

I hope they absolutely get their fucking asses handed to them again in 2020.

If not , then you can absolutely guarantee things are going to go sideways right after that , Civil War II will be going hot shortly afterwards.

The lack of election security and vote fraud will be about all it will take and you know damn good and well that is exactly what they are working on right this minute.

You have exactly one and a half years to be fully prepared for all out urban warfare if Trump can’t , at a minimum , guarantee our elections can’t be tampered with anymore.

Because if the Democrats get their way , Trump will be out , the End Game will be on the table and we will be on the menu.


Apr14SignOff1 copy


The California Caliphate Has a Brave New Caliph …


The California Caliphate Has a Brave New Caliph

The shrinking of the ISIL Caliphate from the size of Britain to the size of London’s Hyde Park is a military triumph worthy of celebration , but it belies an uncomfortable reality :

Beneath the rubble of al-Baghdadi’s Islamic State there remains the Islamic state of mind that spawned it … And will mutate to spawn again in one deadly form or another.

And so it is with California, at least to every defender of individual, religious, and economic freedoms.  Like the current Islamic State, it’s not so much a place as it is a crusading ideology — a brave new spiritual caliphate with a brave new caliph: Gavin Newsom.

But this caliph is not your typical leftist lodestar, nor is he brave in the dystopian sense.  He’s a Jesuit-trained thinker who’s brave enough to set himself above the crowded constellation of presidential hopefuls trying to outshine each other with ever more generous promises of governmental gifts.

Newsom knows better, because he knows that the national electorate — even the Democratic electorate — is smarter than that.  And in due time this former “business-friendly progressive” will become his party’s brightest light.  The all-but-socialist agenda he outlined in his gubernatorial campaign will be all but forgotten, as he morphs back into a mainstream liberalism designed to attract the widest swath of voters possible.

Gavin Newsom is the consummate politician, and like al-Baghdadi’s somber speeches and black-on-black style, the new governor’s problem-solver polemics and dazzling persona are straight out of central casting: the telegenic good looks of a Kennedy, the optimism of a Bush ‘41, the faux earnestness of a Bill Clinton and, best of all, a record of private-sector success that will blunt center-right criticism.

Of course, like most white leaders of the left, he’s enjoyed a safe and privileged home life, raising his four children in the rich and 91% white enclave of Kentfield, California, far from the huddled masses he champions.  And like al-Baghdadi, Newsom continues to use Middle East oil money — courtesy of the Getty family in his case — to fuel his entrepreneurial enterprises, while miraculously retaining his bona fides as an “environmental justice” warrior.

Democrats just don’t seem to care about his hypocrisies except, that is, for the far left.  Like a lapsed jack Mormon, Newsom is seen by California’s Chomskyites as a “jack jihadi,” especially now that he’s downsizing their recurring dream of building the nation’s fastest and largest high-speed rail system, a classic Democratic patronage project plagued by cost overruns and mismanagement that could have tripled its original price tag to more than $100 billion.

Newsom can afford the blowback, however, because his eyes are on a bigger prize, and tacking toward the center, as every good Hyannisport sailor knows, is necessary to win a national election, especially the presidency in 2024.

Why 2024 instead of 2020? Because he’s not ready and neither is the Democratic Party.

Source: The California Caliphate Has a Brave New Caliph

There’s far more pressing items on the agenda than this nonsense !!! …

First of all , the playoff picture for our , otherwise rising young stars , is careening into the dark side of the moon !!! …

I’d have to say , if we can finally break the curse of my second favorite team , the Boston Bruins , they have to face the runaway winners of the President’s Trophy … The Tampa Bay Lightning …

At one point down 4 – 0  , then ultimately spanked 6 – 2 , kinda looks like they’ll need night vision goggles to find the tee-off for the first hole mid April …

But now we have this crap hittin’ the news …

The NHL has launched an investigation into the possible use of a homophobic slur in the Leaf / Lightning game Monday night.

Junior’s having some ‘ quiet time ‘…

It being Commonwealth Day , which is not exactly top-tier , Prime Minister Justin Trudeau put out one of those template announcements Monday , urging Canadians to “ take part in community events for Commonwealth Day and learn more about our shared history.”

He did this from the non-Commonwealth state of Florida where his personal itinerary has him spending “ personal ” time.

There is some wisdom in this.

Whether the PM is spending quality moments with Mickey Mouse and the other characters in the Disney lineup , or doing something else altogether in the Florida sunshine during March Break , the anti-Trudeau forces back home are ramping up their campaign to get axed justice minister and attorney general , Jody Wilson-Raybould , back before the justice committee , this time with the gag removed.

As is de rigueur in 2019 , the campaign has its dedicated website , Toss in a similar hashtag for the Twitter crowd , and everyone’s off and running except for the PM.

He’s conveniently out of Dodge.

The biggest beef Andrew Scheer and his Conservatives have with Trudeau , aside from his belief in having done no wrong , is his continued unwillingness to waive solicitor-client privilege and cabinet confidence that is shackling Wilson-Raybould from going deep into the SNC-Lavalin scandal.

And , so , they are using their new website to get average Canadians to pressure the Trudeau Liberals to let her appear again and speak freely.

“ As extraordinary as her testimony was , we cannot forget Justin Trudeau banned her from completing it ” said Scheer.

“ Other key figures in this affair like Privy Council Clerk Michael Wernick and his former top advisor , Gerald Butts-not surprisingly the ones closest to Mr. Trudeau-are able to speak freely and fully.

“ This is not right. And it is not fair.”… Nor is it , if allowed the proper scrutiny , legal on the part of the PMO …

Judging by recent polls which show Trudeau’s star losing its twinkle , the public outside Ottawa will likely soon grow tired of SNC-Lavalin , and become more rightfully upset with Trudeau’s bogus reasoning of saving 9,000 jobs in a Quebec-based engineering firm when hundreds of thousands have been lost in the energy sector thanks to his party finding no reason to ride to the rescue of Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Spending $5 billion in taxpayers’ money for the Trans Mountain pipeline and then letting it sit fallow is not exactly a rescue operation.

If there was any comedic relief , It was supplied by the should STFU former BS’er , Sheila Copps.  the former member of the Liberal Rat Pack pipes in out of the distant past with this nonsense ;

“… If the 9,000 jobs at SNC-Lavalin were 9,000 indigenous jobs, then Wilson-Raybould, an indigenous woman, would have had no qualms giving the company its sweetheart deal to avoid prosecution.

Asked what possessed her climb into the ring, Copps tweeted, “Nobody trotted me out. I may be a fossil but I did work 29 years full time in politics.

“No one has asked me to speak but I have been moved to do so by the hypocrisy of Wilson-Raybould. She appears to think Andrew Scheer is a better choice than Trudeau.”

Sheila obviously has been suckin’ in too much Hamiltonian steel smog and it’s quickened the pace of insetting senility … She fails to recall she was one of the loudest parrots chirping out Chretien’s BS pre-election lie of ” read our lips … We’ll get rid of the GST “…

And we all remember how quickly the Liberal’s ‘ Copped out ‘ on that lie as soon as they were elected … No doubt why Brian was smiling when he told a reporter ” Wait ’til they see how much money this brings in “…

This would be an apt juncture to suggest that , while we’re sorting out the ridiculous over compensation of the golden retirement packages , the first thing we do is get them to sign a document that states they do not utter a single word on any political , or otherwise , news item , unless a subpoena is issued … When violated … They forfeit that ‘ slice for life of the taxpayer money pie , forthwith , and are obliged to pay back any they have accumulated thus far …

Source: BONOKOSKI: LetHerSpeak the latest Tory ploy to ungag Wilson-Raybould | Toronto Sun