Why is this old hag in the ‘ news ‘? … Is this how desperate the Libs are ? … Blow the cobwebs of ‘ dead rats ‘ ?…


Why are the Media givin’ this useless cow another 15 minutes after we all had to put up with her , and fellow Rat Packers ‘ for far too many years ?! …

Part of the obscene amount of money she’s received from Canadians during her obnoxious presence in the House of Commons and the insulting amount she STILL sucks out of us in that bullshit pension should be conditional to shuttin’ that yap of hers upon retirement ! …

Former deputy prime minister Sheila Copps at a Liberal Party convention on Jan. 13, 2012.

Former deputy prime minister Sheila Copps is not backing down from comments she online made about Jody Wilson-Raybould that generated controversy over the weekend.

Copps isn’t generally a big Twitter user: until last Monday, she had only tweeted three times since the beginning of the year. But in the last week, she’s sent off dozens of tweets about former justice minister Wilson Raybould’s testimony about the SNC-Lavalin affair.

The most widely circulated tweets had the former Liberal cabinet minister facing criticism of racism and of sexist language, charges she disputes as “cheap shots.”

Hon. Sheila Copps@Sheila_Copps


Hey Jonathan i am surprised at you. Two people do not a caucus make. Trudeau has not said bitch to anyone. Even though it may apply. The Feminist rumblings from the media are certainly questionable. Who is more feminist than Trudeau? Andrew Scheer ?

Image result for cat fightCopps says that when she wrote of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s feminist credentials that ” Trudeau has not said bitch to anyone. Even though it may apply ” she was not suggesting that the word apply to either Wilson-Raybould or former Treasury Board president Jane Philpott.

” I was pointing out the fact that Trudeau always uses very gentlemanly language , but perhaps be could be a little tougher ” she told HuffPost Canada in a phone interview on Sunday. She feels the prime minister was betrayed by Wilson-Raybould , and she thinks betrayal should be met with strong words.

That’s cuz Junior is a ‘ fem-boy ‘ … But I bet he can throw ‘ hissy fits ‘ when behind closed doors !!! …

” Perhaps if I had a larger Twitter feed , I should have said , perhaps a noun will apply , but not that one ” she said.

” I would never call anyone a bitch. I’ve been called a bitch too many times myself ” she added.

By typing into her Twitter shot  ” … Even though it may apply … ” it it her intention to lead lead the reader to that conclusion … But safely cowered behind the semantic bunker of technically not having actually said it herself … Ya see … Politicians NEVER say anything derogatory about anyone … They hone their skills year after year on the ‘ art of inference ‘ …

Unfortunately , too many people in their ridings buy their bullshit and we get stuck with ’em …

Copps is pissed at Jody because she is not playing the game by the rules as she did when she milked the taxpayer for 29 years … The ‘ stick together and we’ll sneak in another election victory ‘ mantra …

JWR made the unfortunate career decision of actually doing her job as it was intended and is paying a price for it … 



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