President Trump signing Bibles like they were his own book ? … Really …


This writer , and all the morons on the Internet , act as if Donald cracked open a box of bibles that HE brought with him and started signin’em and handin’ them out …

Donald Trump was greeted with a rapturous applause at an Alabama church on Friday , but the disaster-stricken crowd received more than just good wishes from the president.

He was hoping to offer comfort to the people in the wake of the deadly tornado that swept through the region last weekend , many of the hundred-strong congregation received a unique piece of memorabilia : a Trump-signed Bible.

Though the practice of a book-signing is usually reserved only to its author , Trump kindly obliged a 12-year-old boy’s request to sign his copy of the religious scripture.

The kid ASKED him to sign it !!! … What do want ? … Have the President kneel down to eye level and get into a detailed conversation with the kid attempting to explain how that wouldn’t be ‘ appropriate in some peoples’ minds ‘ ?! … ” And , then of course , ya seen son , there could be some political ramifications paraded on the front pages and the Liberal Fake News people and its’ followers will go bat shit crazy !!! “…

President Trump appeared at the Providence Baptist Church, in Opelika, on Friday. Bearing words of support and sympathy he also offered a unique range of memorabilia: signed Bibles

Another volunteer , Emily Pike, said the president and first lady Melania Trump signed her 10-year-old daughter’s Bible , which was decorated with pink camouflage.

” She just reached out there and said ‘ Mr. President , would you sign this ? ‘ ’’ Pike told the Associated Press.

Mother doesn’t seem too concerned about it … Actually , it sounds like she is pointing out the sort of ‘ cutness ‘ to it …

Though members of the denomination seemed delighted with their autographed texts , the internet’s reaction provided a stark contrast.

Many accused Trump of being a hypocrite , claiming his political policies are a perfect contradiction to the religious teachings he was writing over.

Others berated the perceived arrogance of his gesture , accusing the President of touting the religious book as if it was of his own workings.

Do you people ever stop to listen to your own pathetic blather ?!!! …

‘ I seriously cannot imagine the absolute outrage and round-the-clock coverage this would’ve earned if President Obama went around signing Bibles. My God, ‘ said author Jennifer Hayden.

Yeah , he’d be more likely to be signing to Koran !!! …

The U.S. president also posed for selfies and signed hats and a $100 dollar bill that a volunteer passed him at the Baptist church

For crissakes !!! … He was interacting with the kids and they were all smiles and ‘ uplifted ‘ following a nasty event in their lives … The bullshit media , in this case the Internet , should get a grip !!! …


Source: President Trump is mocked online for signing Bibles like they were his own book in Alabama | Daily Mail Online

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