OH OH !!! … People are being mean to Mikey !!! …

BWAHAHA !!! … Poor Mikey’s all upset ‘cuz people were being mean to him !!! … Ironic coming from someone who suggested Jody Wilson-Raybold ‘ couldn’t handle the pressure of dissenting viewpoints while working in cabinet ! …

He acted pretty tough quickly shrugging off legitimate questions from opposition parties with curt ‘ no’s ‘ repeatedly in the hearings …

The country’s top public servant received profanity-laced social media messages calling him ” garbage “, a “traitor “, a ” loser ” and a ” liar ” after defending the Trudeau government’s conduct in the SNC-Lavalin affair.

Michael Wernick , clerk of the Privy Council , tabled with the House of Commons justice committee Wednesday some of the messages he’d received since he first testified on the controversy two weeks ago.

Wernick’s office released copies of eight expletive-filled, sometimes barely coherent messages …

” [ You’re ] garbage pal. If you don’t want to be calked name like treason and traitor then don’t indulge in it then , you ( expletive ) idiot goofs ! ” said one.

” You should be ashamed of yourself for the comments about assinations ! Arrogant pos ! Get a real job you ( expletive ) deadbeat ” said another.

” Michael , you are dirty. Your manipulation of the fallout on the SNC-Lavalin criminal bribery scandal does not look good on you,” said one message he received.

” You’re a loser. And a liar. You’ll amount to an absolute nobody in Canadian history. A spineless puppet,” said another.

” YOU SHOULD BE FIRED. A disgrace to Canada … Overpaid , bureaucratic LIBERAL BOZO … protecting liberal LIars !!! ” opined yet another.

he tried to conjure up charges of ‘ witness intimidation ‘ , but fortunately , even the Liberal head of the committee wasn’t buyin’ it and did not enter into the record …Image result for kleenex

Mikey need a tissue ? …





Source: Top bureaucrat gets profane messages after defending government on SNC-Lavalin | CBC News

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