Even some Lib-Media folks are realizing this don’t cut it …

Junior is imploding so badly that he seems to have finally arrived at that line where  , at least SOME ‘ liberals in the media are catching on ! …

Neil MacDonald – CBC News opines ;

If you’re looking for some instructive reading , go look up an aggregation of utterances by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Some are already famous for their loopiness : budgets balance themselves , the government shouldn’t call honour killings barbaric , we need to rethink the definitions of space and time , we should say ” peoplekind ” instead of ” mankind ” ( he may actually have been making fun of himself with that one ).

Most , though , are just syrupy , unmemorable banalities about values and optimism and respect and caring for one another.

Like this masterpiece of tautology the day he was sworn in as prime minister : ” The diversity that makes this country so strong is a diversity of views that will carry us forward “…

Trudeau’s happy blather was digestible enough at first , particularly after nearly a decade of Stephen Harper. Like tapioca after heartburn. But as it kept coming , picked up and amplified by his cabinet ministers , it began grating on the nerves , the way retail Christmas-carol Muzak does by late November.

Eventually , it became clear that our prime minister didn’t really have much else to say. He relies more heavily on talking points than any Canadian leader in my memory ( 40-plus years ) , his answers swollen with extraneous words and catchphrases crafted by his messaging experts …

Neil goes on talking about the stupid statements that Junior has spit out over the years , like the ” the budget with balance itself ” nonsense …

… During a CTV interview he was probably most candid.

” At one point ” he told the program W5 ” people are going to have to realize that maybe I know what I’m doing “…

Or not. On the evidence of the past few weeks , I’m thinking not.

Click the link below for the whole , interesting viewpoint from Neil … Again , from CBC no less !!! …


Source: Trudeau’s verbal porridge and serene smile have carried him along. Until now: Neil Macdonald | CBC News

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