8:16 P.M. Here’s a rare Rex Murphy …

I refuse to pay for any of these media sites , and National Post , as others , want to hose ya thru subscription charges … So I don’t usually get Rex these days … Snuck this one via BCF …

Justin Trudeau has the look of the high school hero who’s just fallen off his snowboard in front of all the twirling cheerleaders.

It’s been a hard week for Mr. Trudeau. It must have been even harder for the Gender Analytics Team down in the boiler room of the Department of Public Works ( it’s next to the Deliverology stables , just past the Memorial to Proportional Representation ). They’ve had to parse Jody Wilson-Raybould’s fierce testimony and sequence it with the government’s equity-feminism.

No one has sung hymns to strong , independent women more fervently than Mr. Trudeau. It doesn’t wear well that the strongest and most independent woman in his entire cabinet no longer feels she can , with honour , sit in that same cabinet room with him.

There’ll be no more round tables with Tina Brown and Gloria Steinem. Ivanka Trump will cross the street when she sees him coming.

It doesn’t wear well that a strong , independent woman , determined to secure the mast of the rule of law , is put under siege for months by a train of flacks and aides , principal secretaries and chiefs of staff — supplemented by the Black Knight of the Clerk of the Privy Council — to work a deal , to finesse , to go around that rule of law because “… There’s an election in Quebec … ( and ) I’m the member for Papineau ”. It doesn’t wear well that a strong , independent woman was subject to threats , veiled and not-so-veiled , effectively harried and harassed because she refused to politically oblige the big boys in the PMO. The Feminist-in-Chief took a massive hit.

Mr. Trudeau scooted past the “ Kokanee Grope ” but that involved a mere reporter. And besides , as he so grandly assured the world at the time , that incident provided us with a “ collective awakening ” that different “ people experience things differently ” an insight into human psychology locked in darkness until that very moment. This was Jordan Peterson-level mentoring.

But the Jody Wilson-Raybould clash , as we used to say at home , is an entirely different kettle of fish. Here was no allegedly wandering hand , but a “ consistent and sustained … inappropriate effort ” to warp a decision of the attorney general of Canada in a matter of criminal charges against a Quebec company.

When her principles came up against his expediency , what was a male-feminist Galahad to do ? Why he acted like the oldest , white-haired , cigar-chomping boy in the oldest boys’ club that was. He demoted her. And during the interval , when she was bound to silence , he went about variously telling her story for her — even to the point of ( I hate the term , but it’s a nugget in Mr. Trudeau’s set ) “ mansplaining ” that her staying in cabinet “ spoke for itself ”.

Hours later , she left. That , too , spoke for itself. Ever so much clearly. Ironically , her departure might be the prelude to and necessary condition for the prime minister’s own.

Now in an ordinary government , none of this would matter. In a business-as-usual , this-is-how-we’ve-always-done-politics , principles-be-dammed , we’ve-got-work-to-do government , who’d care ? But this is a Trudeau government , where feminist values and the purest sensitivity to women are as sparkling diamonds in the firmament of righteousness and sanctimony.

This is a government that lives and thrives on its profession of vast moral pretensions. It is the government forever preaching of values , of moral aspiration , of doing things differently , of real gender equity , of promoting feminism , of openness and transparency , of nourishing the Earth and all her fuzzy creatures ; this is a government of every tender , soft , progressive value known to peoplekind. Mr. Trudeau is its brand and the brand is everything.

This is a government of virtuecrats , or it is nothing. That’s the problem. Live by the image , die by the image. Play by the symbol , fall by the symbol.

Four hours of testimony on Wednesday afternoon went like a torpedo through a castle of glass. The details are known and in a hundred columns by now. Jody Wilson-Raybould , in her person and conduct , is all the Trudeau government was supposed to be about.

She is a superbly accomplished woman. If role models mean anything , she has to be a luminous star for every young girl and boy in every First Nation in the country. For she has soared to the highest pinnacle of political power of any , ever , of her community. She sat , till last week , in the chair Lester Pearson offered to Pierre Trudeau to bring that sultan into the national story. To coin a phrase , a fearful symmetry indeed.

Truth and Reconciliation is going to be a hard sell if a government leadership that came to power preaching feminism and the utter moral urgency of Aboriginal concerns works now to bring the greatest exemplar of both categories down. There will be two messages if it does. That feminism counts only when it doesn’t get in the way of politics. And that respect for Aboriginals works as a brand but not as a practice.

If the attempt is made , it will not be an easy glide down for Mr. Trudeau. For Jody Wilson-Raybould has shown her qualities.

There is more steel in that woman than ever came out of Hamilton. Her mind is keen , her will is her own , her moral centre assured and determined. These qualities are the very anti-matter of spin-doctors and crisis-management shops , kryptonite for the bleating flacks and the sweating elves of the PMO talking-points foundry.

Mr. Trudeau has spoken of Wilson-Raybould’s presentation to the justice committee. “ I have taken knowledge of her testimony …” — an odd locution , sounding like something from the Book of Exodus as translated by the Kielburger brothers. “… but there are still reflections to have on next steps” — which is , we must hope , his way of saying he disagrees.

But really , it’s just mush anyway you look at it . Much like Chrystia Freeland’s comment “ I believe … she spoke her truth ” ( accent on “ her ” you can be sure ) , which is a precious piece of equivocation even for a diplomat. Does no one in this government know what a real sentence sounds like ?

Mush won’t melt steel. Wilson-Raybould has facts , details , specifics and principles. A deadpan face and urgently low-voiced platitudes will not prevail against them.

The fate of the Trudeau government now hangs on a contest between character and image. I expect they’ve already put out the call for all the king’s horses and all the king’s men …

Source: Rex Murphy: The Trudeau virtuecrats come tumbling down | National Post

12:18 P.M. This is where we’re headed ?!!! …

A 14-year-old transgender boy has the capacity to consent to his own medical treatments and should be allowed to proceed with hormone injections to help transition from a female to a male body without delay , a B.C. Supreme Court judge has ruled.

The teenager , who can be identified only as “ A.B. ” has been at the centre of a complicated legal fight that raised questions about parental rights and child autonomy. His parents are separated and have joint custody.

While the boy and his mother were prepared to begin testosterone injections last summer , his father objected, citing the need for more time to examine the implications of such a move.

But in a written decision released Wednesday , B.C. Supreme Court Justice Gregory Bowden said he was satisfied A.B. understood the benefits and risks of treatment and that postponing treatment further could result in A.B. — who had previously attempted suicide — trying to harm himself again.

“ The totality of the evidence regarding A.B.’s medical needs … leads me to conclude that his hormone treatment should not be delayed further ” the judge wrote.

The father had sought to block any medical treatments until a fuller hearing could be heard on the implications of gender transition treatment. The father provided the court with supporting affidavits from Dr. Quentin Van Mete r, a pediatric endocrinologist in Atlanta , Ga. , and Miriam Grossman , a psychiatrist in Airmont , N.Y. , that discussed the potential harmful psychological and physical effects of gender transitioning on children.

But the judge said he gave their evidence little weight since neither of them commented on the facts of A.B.’s case.

The boy’s father is planning an appeal, his lawyer , Herb Dunton , wrote in an email.

“ The father is disappointed. He intends to appeal. He believes his child does not understand the risks and consequences of the gender transition treatment , and the harm that can come to the child ” he wrote. “ The father does not believe his case for the protection of the child was heard by the B.C. Supreme Court.”

The judge said the father may have been “ disingenuous ” when he said he wanted more scientific evidence , noting “ some evidence suggests that he has been delaying proceedings as a way of preventing his son from obtaining the gender transition treatment that he seeks ”.

The judge went on to make the following declarations : that A.B. be referred to as male and identified by his chosen name in all legal proceedings , that he be allowed to change his legal name without the need for consent from his parents , that he is “ exclusively entitled ” to consent to medical treatment for his dysphoria , and that any attempt to persuade A.B. to abandon treatment or references to A.B. as a girl or using female pronouns “ shall be considered to be family violence ” under the Family Law Act.

How the Hell did this guy manage to become a judge ?!!! …



Source: Transgender teen can proceed with hormone treatment despite father’s objections, B.C. court rules | National Post

8:14 A.M. Dr. Seuss books are RASISSS !!!

Image result for dr seuss charactersDr. Seuss once said , “ You can steer yourself any direction you choose ”… And , according to a new study from St. Catherine University , that should be away from Dr. Seuss books.

The study , published in the journal for Research on Diversity in Youth Literature , analyzes 50 books and more than 2,200 characters created by Dr. Seuss. Of those characters , only 45 are of colour.

“  The presence of anti-blackness , Orientalism and white supremacy span across Seuss’ entire literary collection and career ” say researchers Katie Ishizuka and Ramon Stephens.

Ishizuka and Stephens collected several instances of Seuss’ racism to illustrate their point.

For example , in the original version of the story And to Think that I Saw it on Mulberry Street , a Chinese man is drawn “ with chopsticks and a bowl of rice in his hands , bright yellow skin , slanted eyes , a long black braid , and a conical hat ” write the researchers.

Image result for dr seuss characters

In the book If I Ran the Zoo , a white man says he would “ put a person of colour wearing a turban ” on display.

Ishizuka and Stephens call this is an act of “ dehumanization ” which is “ to treat someone as though he or she is not human ”.

Researchers also found that Dr. Seuss only ever wrote about two human black characters , and both are depicted as monkeys.

Researchers say the treatment of non-white characters in Dr. Seuss stories encourages “ the development and reinforcement of racial bias in young children ”…

How much did this ‘ study ‘ cost ?!!! …

Source: Dr. Seuss books are ‘racist,’ new study says. Should kids still read them? – National | Globalnews.ca

6:10 A.M. Main cast of characters …


Michael Wernick  testified before the justice committee on Feb. 21 , where he maintained that Ms. Wilson-Raybould – whom he described as a partner, ally and friend – was not subjected to “ inappropriate pressure “.

Ms. Wilson-Raybould detailed several occasions when she spoke with Mr. Wernick about the SNC-Lavalin matter. She said she met with the Prime Minister and Mr. Wernick on Sept. 17 on an unrelated issue , but that Mr. Trudeau immediately brought up the SNC-Lavalin case , flagging the potential economic consequences if there is no deferred prosecution agreement.

“ Then , to my surprise , the Clerk started to make the case for the need to have a DPA ” Ms. Wilson-Raybould told MPs , adding that Mr. Wernick referred to a coming SNC-Lavalin board meeting and an election in Quebec. Ms. Wilson-Raybould said that at meeting two days later , the Clerk brought up potential job losses.

On Dec. 19, Mr. Wernick called Ms. Wilson-Raybould and told her the Prime Minister is “ quite determined , quite firm” on the SNC-Lavalin matter , according to her testimony. “ He said : ‘ I think he is gonna find a way to get it done one way or another ’” she said …

In her testimony , Ms. Wilson-Raybould said she met with Mr. Butts on Dec. 5, a meeting in which she says she stressed that she had made up her mind on SNC-Lavalin and that further engagements were inappropriate ; he said he needed her to find a solution. According to Ms. Wilson-Raybould , he said the statute involved in the matter was one passed under the previous Harper administration and that he did not like the law.

On Dec. 18, Mr. Butts and Katie Telford , the Prime Minister’s chief of staff , met with Ms. Wilson-Raybould’s chief of staff , where they again asked for a solution. In a text conversation , her chief of staff cited Mr. Butts as saying “ there is no solution here that does not involve some interference ” On Thursday , Mr. Butts said he asked the Justice committee that he be allowed to testify …

Ms. Wilson-Raybould testified that on Dec. 18, her then-chief of staff , Ms. Prince, was “ urgently summoned ” to meet with Ms. Telford and Mr. Butts to discuss SNC-Lavalin. She described this meeting as part of the “ final escalation in efforts by the PMO to interfere in this matter ”.

Ms. Wilson-Raybould read from text messages exchanged with Ms. Prince after the meeting , in which Ms. Prince said the PMO officials wanted Ms. Wilson-Raybould to seek outside counsel on whether she should review the SNC-Lavalin decision and recounted Ms. Telford as saying “we don’t want to debate legalities anymore ”.

According to Ms. Wilson-Raybould, Ms. Prince says in the text messages that Ms. Telford believed outside advice would “ give us cover in the business community and legal community”. Ms. Telford also offered to line up “ all kinds of people to write opeds saying that what [ Ms. Wilson-Raybould ] is doing is proper ”…

In 2017 , Elder Marques became a senior adviser in the PMO and was named by The Hill Times as one of the 15 most influential unelected people in federal government. Since 2017 , SNC-Lavalin lobbied federal officials – including Mr. Marques – a total of more than 50 times on the topic of “ justice ” and “ law enforcement ” according to the federal lobbyists registry.

Ms. Wilson-Raybould said that on Sept. 16, her then-chief of staff, Ms. Prince , had a call with Mr. Marques and Mr. Bouchard, another senior PMO adviser.

“ They said that they think we should be able to find a more reasonable resolution here ” Ms. Wilson-Raybould testified , adding that the two mentioned the coming SNC-Lavalin board meeting and the Quebec election. Ms. Wilson-Raybould said they asked Ms. Prince if the office was open to suggesting to the Public Prosecution Service of Canada that it get outside advice. The men told Ms. Wilson-Raybould’s chief of staff that “ they didn’t want to cross any lines ”…

And , finally , at the top of this pile of excrement …

Ms. Wilson-Raybould said she had a meeting with the Prime Minister on Sept. 17 regarding another matter.

But , she said he raised the SNC-Lavalin issue “ immediately ” asking her to find a solution for the company, repeatedly citing risks of job losses and that the engineering firm would move its headquarters away from Montreal. Ms. Wilson-Raybould said she had decided not to issue a directive to the director of public prosecutions in this case , as it was not appropriate.

She said Mr. Trudeau then stressed that there is a provincial election in Quebec and said he is an MP in the province. Ms. Wilson-Raybould said she outright asked if he was politically interfering with her role and decision as attorney-general , to which he replied “ No , no , no , we just need to find a solution ”.

In a December conversation with Privy Council Clerk Michael Wernick , Ms. Wilson-Raybould said Mr. Wernick repeatedly invoked the Prime Minister’s name , saying Mr. Trudeau was concerned. To her , these amounted to “ veiled threats ”…






While thoroughly enjoying my morning entertainment , perusing all the various ‘ takes ‘ on this fiasco , I stumbled upon an interesting little footnote … It brought to light a connection to decades past …

Image result for jody wilson raybould snc lavalinIn recent weeks , an archival clip from a 1983 constitutional conference on indigenous rights has circulated widely in Canada. The footage shows the Kwakwaka’wakw lawyer Bill Wilson sitting across from the then prime minister , Pierre Trudeau , the father of the country’s current leader.

Wilson tells Trudeau that both of his daughters want to become lawyers , and even prime minister … The audience , and Trudeau , laugh … Then states that both are woman … A sign of the times , that garnished the most laughter ( In fairness , from the audience , not Pete ) …

In total contrast to his ‘ Happy Moron ‘ son , he quickly stays on top of the situation , which is interesting , as in the clip it appears he’s busy reading something and seems to only be there to put in an ‘ appearance ‘, removes his glasses and quips back ” Well I’ll just stick around ’til they’re ready ” … with a sly grin … And the audience has its’ biggest laugh … Even Bill had a chuckle …

Now , I’m certainly no fan of his ‘ melting pot ‘ concept and many other issues , but I’ve always given him credit for his intelligence and wit … Sadly for the country , in this particular case , the apple fell in a completely different orchard many miles away !!! …

Thirty-six years later , one of those daughters has become the central figure in a scandal which continues to inflict political damage on Justin Trudeau and his government …

Jody Wilson-Raybould !