7:07 A.M. From Stilton’s Place


Excuse our scattershot approach , but this is one of those days when the news has , as Emperor Joseph II once told Mozart … ” Too many notes “…

Mixed situations and mixed emotions , all hitting hard and fast while we’re still sorting through the emotional baggage left over from the midterm elections. And our immediate reaction is to simply stare and shake our heads as we try to incorporate these many stories into a cohesive whole.

Not mentioned above is Jeff Session’s resignation as Attorney General , and all the wild speculation going on about what will happen next regarding the Mueller investigation. We’re betting that will turn colorful in a hurry. And we expect some amusing showboating from Nancy Pelosi soon , as she struggles to demonstrate that she’s still young and hip enough to wield the Speaker’s gavel.

Two stories above do have an interesting connection : CNN’s Jim Acosta lost his White House press credentials owing to repeated instances of being an aggressive , repugnant douche nozzle … And the mainstream media is going nuts about this ‘ threat ‘ to the First Amendment … But there is not a whisper of comment or complain from these same sources after a howling mob attacked the home of Fox News personality Carlson Tucker , battering his door until it cracked , and screaming that he would not be safe.


We trust that if a masked mob staged a similar assault on the home of Joy Behar , it would be a major story in the mainstream press, and probably provoke an outright call for martial law.

And this one from Reconteur Report ;

Two days after the polls have closed , Democratic election officials in AZ and FL have ‘ suddenly discovered , thousands of uncounted ballots , putting their candidates in both states over the finish line. Like they’ve tried every time since 1960 , when the Daley Chicago Democrat crime syndicate ‘ elected ‘ JFK.

It’s not the obviousness of the tactic that annoys , it’s the brazen stupidity of doing it again and again and again, and the fecklessness of the GOP in rolling over for it.

There is a simple solution : Bitch McConjob and the GOP caucus in the Senate votes to not accept the results of either election , as inherently tainted and suspect , refuse to seat either nominal electee , and force both states to do the whole thing all over again , with the original cast , and a cast of tens of thousands of lawyers from both sides watching the entire process , top to bottom , including purple thumbprints if necessary.

Otherwise this horseshit will continue endlessly, and doubtless next week ChuckU Schumer , Dianne Fineswine , and Kamala Hairass will ‘ discover ‘ extra US senators formerly living under the Capitol stairs , and declare that the vote on Kavanaugh was actually 67-51 to deny , and they’ll do it with straight faces.

Source: Stilton’s Place

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