8:40 A.M. Tuesday night will be better than a Leaf game !!! …






I had to ‘ Double Category ‘ this one … As it was so amusingly well written !!! … Well done Roger !!! …

I tend to agree with Roger Kimball that it is those who cannot believe they lost in 2016 : 

If only the Democrats sweep the midterm elections, they say to themselves , then we can put this awful anomaly , this hideous wrinkle in the order of the universe , behind us…

Some such sentiment , I believe , was behind all the talk of a coming ‘ blue wave ‘ last spring and into the summer. I never believed that there would be such a cerulean tsunami , especially one that would sweep Democrats into control of the Senate. The House ? Maybe …

But even that seems to me to be increasingly doubtful. Adamant anti-Trump and NeverTrump commentators have circulated and then taken solace from the Blue Wave meme not because they are especially credulous , but because the election of Donald Trump offended their sense of existential propriety. The unforgivable datum is that Donald Trump , as I have said many times , was elected without their permission and indeed over their strenuous objections. That is the intolerable insult they cannot abide. It was an event that not only should not have happened but could not have happened. Hence the widespread access of denial , followed by anger , that greeted the advent of this great anomaly.

The midterms seem to offer a chance to set the universe back on its proper track. I do not of course know what is going to happen next Tuesday , but if , as seems to me increasingly likely , the Republicans hold the House , the anti-Trump and NeverTrump fraternity will be dealt a cruel blow. Not only will they have lost , not only will their confident predications have been in vain , but their entire sense of the way the world works will have been further undermined. The thing that was impossible , that could not have happened , will have turned out to be not an inexplicable singularity but a corroboration of a new dispensation … A dispensation , moreover , that has no place for them.

MORBNOTE II ; Can’t wait for Tuesday night results !!! … I’m stayin’ up for that !!! …

Source: Tuesday Will Tell: Blue Wave or Red Tsunami?

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