6:53 P.M. Democrats care about illegal aliens, not you

So why are mainstream media and Democrats obsessed with opening our borders for the free flow of illegals and getting them addicted to government freebies?  One reason is that we have allowed old hippies to indoctrinate our kids in public schools for decades.  This has created a generation that believes that America is the greatest source of evil in the world, founded by white straight Christian men who stole everything from the rest of the world.  Our youths believe that it is morally unjust for America to have borders.  We must share what we stole.

Insidiously, the second reason why Democrats desire to flood the country with illegals is to gain political power.  Immigrants have contributed greatly to our culture.  The vast majority of illegals are unskilled workers easily seduced by Democrat politicians who promise to take care of them.  Democrats will do to illegals what they have done to blacks for decades: give them just enough to keep them poor, on welfare, and faithfully voting for Democrats.

The above are basically the last two paragraphs of a good read … Click the link below for the entire read …

Source: Democrats care about illegal aliens, not you

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