10:34 A.M. Trump generates media hysteria by telling the truth about telling the truth …

Trump , in speaking off the cuff , often gets the details wrong , exaggerates , and engages in hyperbole. True , past presidents have never done this … They vet their prepared remarks , and stick to script , for the most part. That minimizes the risk of errors.

But it also marks the politician as manipulative, a politician who maybe can’t be trusted to tell us what he really thinks.

Trump ran against this political tradition. He is real , warts and all. He is spontaneous. And he says what he means , even if he is sloppy with the details.

More importantly , he has kept his political promises to a degree that no other president in human memory has. He didn’t lie about moving the US embassy from Tel Avis to Jerusalem. He didn’t lie about bringing economic growth well in excess of 3% ( facing a media chorus that this was ‘ impossible ‘ ) …

Where it counts , Trump tells the truth. And he is a real guy , somebody who teases , jokes , and yeah , sometimes gets the little stuff wrong. But when he makes a promise , he means it.

The above is what I’ve said from the time he was first elected … This guy may make a few mistakes here and there … But he doesn’t bow to anyone else and plays no games … He’s doin’ a damn god job of ‘ exposing ‘ many of the individuals that create all these problems for their own gains …

Source: Trump generates media hysteria by telling the truth about telling the truth

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