6:17 A.M. Pissed About Pot Legalization …

 Nearing 70 , Longley says though he can’t smoke herb like he used to , he’s skeptical about the quality of the bud commercial producers are putting to market. There’s still an opportunity for the black market to offer better quality marijuana at lower prices , he says.

” People want good pot. They want to be able to buy good marijuana “…

When asked why he thinks people should care about the Marijuana Party’s fate , the counter-culture stalwart says its mere existence on the political spectrum gives Canadians an option to protest if they , like him , are ‘ disgusted ‘ over the current version of legalization …

” We don’t agree with the cannabis industry being stolen from the people who made it and maintained it for decades , given to big international corporations to run with ” he says …

But the reality is that the party has less money than ever. The rallying-cry tone in his voice shifts …

” I don’t think we’re going to stop that. It’s gonna happen. It’s already happened. It’s just gonna get worse , faster , is how I see it .., We’re like an amoeba on an elephant now “…

Source: Canada’s Marijuana Party Leader Is Pissed About Pot Legalization | HuffPost Canada


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