6:33 P.M. Province scraps beer tax increase that was planned by the old Wynnebag !!! …

The Progressive Conservatives said Friday that the three-cent-per-litre increase was planned by the previous Liberal regime and will be scrapped …

” This is just one more tax hike that was due ” Finance Minister Vic Fedeli said in an interview … ” We look at every single opportunity to rein in the taxes. From the largest possible, the cap-and-trade tax , all the way through to the beer tax “…

The government said beer taxes have increased by three cents per litre each year since 2015. Beer and wine taxes brought in revenues of roughly $589 million in 2016-2017. The halting of this year’s increase , which was set to take effect Nov. 1 , will mean Ontario’s treasury will forgo $11 million in potential revenue that would have come in between November and the end of the fiscal year in March 2019, the government said.

Atta boy Dougie !!! … Find some other way score money and give us beer drinkers a break !!! …

Source: Province scraps beer tax increase planned by previous government | CBC News

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