3:48 P.M. Is this what ‘ humankind ‘ has come down to ? … A gaggle of all the mindless ‘ millenial’s ‘ scores of ‘ Clicks ‘ and ‘ Likes ‘ ?…

Someone has to remind the latest couple of generations how this ‘ cyber world ‘ came to be …

It’s going to get worse. Virtually every major American institution is being radicalized … Or being reshaped by the radicalization of our public lives.

You see this most vividly in politics , where the White House and Congress are often the cause and effect of the radicalization. You now see it in the courts and the Supreme Court , in particular , where a narrow , party-line vote made Brett Kavanaugh the next justice after a nasty , personal political brawl. Already , lawyer Michael Avenatti is calling for a new Democratic litmus test : Increasing the size of the court to 11 from nine.

Thanks to the Kavanaugh fight and the Merrick Garland shenanigans before it , there are three new fair-game realities :

1) The parties feel free to delay nominations a year-plus if necessary …

2) High school actions are ‘ fair game ‘

3) Partisan-line votes for the Supreme Court are fine.

Watch for court fights to surpass congressional races in terms of partisanship. You see this in the traditional media , where the cable news networks are racking up record ratings around the sideshow of politics. Reporters , who previously kept their personal views private , suddenly pick sides on Twitter … Since the president’s election , reporters on both sides of the political aisle , and from markets big and small , have shown less restraint on social media when it comes to their personal political viewpoints … 

Just this past week , a Minnesota journalist was fired from a local NBC station for wearing a ‘ Make America Great Again ‘ hat while covering Trump rally … A longtime Palm Springs anchor was forced to resign after defending Kavanaugh from sexual assault allegations … The New York Times conceded it made a mistake when the news story about a Kavanaugh bar fight at Yale was co-bylined by a writer who had tweeted her disapproval of the nomination. 

Since Trump was elected , by our colleague Sara Fischer’s count , nearly a dozen reporters have either been fired or lost their jobs for incendiary social media posts , mostly all of them over politically-charged subjects. You see this on social media , especially Facebook , where the algorithm pumps endless partisan , emotional garbage into our faces all day , every day …

People then jump to Twitter to duke it out …


Sara has the data : A new study of hyper-partisan publishers , from social media analytics company NewsWhip , finds that the top Facebook Pages for mainstream political content were Fox News and Occupy Democrats , by a considerable distance. Both publishers have driven nearly 100 million engagements on their Facebook-native content for 2018 so far. On Facebook , the N.Y. Times’ Kevin Roose points out , many of the most engaged with posts on Facebook around Kavanaugh come from fringe , alt-right websites.

On Twitter, a new study out last week found that more than 80% of accounts that were exposed as fake in 2016 are still active on the platform.

( Twitter says the data the authors retrieved may not have reflected what the users actually see ) …

Tragedy is quickly radicalized :Traumatic school shootings reignite a red-hot gun control debate … Deadly fires and storms stir emotion at first , then spark climate-change arguments … Even normal , trivial , pass-the-popcorn stuff gets radicalized :

TV shows ( ‘ Roseanne ‘) , sports ( kneeling at NFL games ) , award shows ( Robert De Niro’s “ FUCK Trump ” intro at the Tony Awards ) , eating out ( Republican officials heckled in D.C. restaurants ) … 

Be smart … All the incentives on social media and in politics favor the radical :If you want clicks , viewers , donors , followers , retweets or votes , there’s no market for moderation or the middle … Radical rules …

You might not have started the fire , but you’re surely living in it …


Source: America the radicalized: Kavanaugh deepens partisan divide – Axios


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