11:14 A.M. New Rules for Men

1 – Don’t hire women.  Where accusations against men are concerned , proof is no longer required , nor presumption of innocence granted. Under these circumstances , why on earth would a man hire any woman or interact with any woman in a professional setting ?

2 – If a man must interact with a woman in a professional setting , he should do so as little as possible and always with a third and fourth party present ( one of whom should be a man , or it’s double – jeopardy ! ). Never under any circumstances should a man be alone with a female co-worker. No written communication with a woman co-worker should take place without a boss or supervisor and at least one male co-worker copied on the correspondence. Ditto with text and telephone communications.

3 – Do not mentor women or girls , large numbers of whom are clearly unstable , fragile creatures and God knows what they may mis-remember or mis-construe. Under these circumstances , it is not even remotely worth the risk to help a woman advance her career. 

Brett Kavanaugh has spent his life helping women professionally. Exactly what good will did that effort buy him ? …

4 – Dating and romance are now minefields to be traversed with extreme caution , if at all ( see above re: mentoring ). Forget making a move , going in for the kiss … Unless you get express written consent before every move , you run the risk of being labeled a sexual predator for life. Even if you do get consent at every stage of the encounter , that still may not be enough.

As Cathy Young wrote for the Washington Post , the definition of ‘ consent ‘ is itself disputed and subject to change given the whims of the mob :

” Consent advocates already fret that even an explicit ‘ yes ’ may not be given freely enough. A series of educational campus posters includes the warning that ‘ if they don’t feel free to say ‘ No ’ it’s not consent’ ; a Canadian college campaign cautions that consent is invalid if it’s ‘ muted ’ or ‘ uncertain ’ rather than ‘ loud and clear ’…

This advocacy creates a world where virtually any regretted sexual encounter can be reconstructed as assault ”…

MORBNOTE ; Sadly this satirical statement is pretty much where we ‘re going and men don’t have much choice in the matter ! … What else can we do ?!!! …

Again … Ya happy now #MeToo ? …

Source: New Rules for Men

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