7:55 P.M. Now THIS woman’s got a handle on things !!! …

Bonnie Ramthun ( the author of this article I found on American Thinker ) put this whole nonsense into its’ proper perspective … Basically … ‘ Oh for shitssakes !!! girl !! … GET OVER IT !!! …

The following will give ya the gist of it … Click on the link to AT for the complete article ( the title of which is at the end of this post ) …

I was groped in college once … The season finale of This Is Us traumatized me more than that … I cried like a baby … The Red Wedding scene in Game of Thrones traumatized me far more than a drunk college boy grabbing my breasts tits … Let’s not talk about the cancellation of Timeless … I can barely speak of it.  

That boy in college who grabbed me at a party and put his hand down my dress and squeezed my breasts tits before I smacked him away ?  Eh , whatever …  I don’t care … Being groped in college isn’t even a blip on my life’s radar. It’s meaningless to me. Why should that particular event make a single iota of difference in my life ?… It didn’t.

But now we have the #MeToo movement and the grotesque circus around the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanagh , and the Democrats in this country have revealed their real opinion of women. Democrats believe that we women are weak , mewling , helpless creatures who are defined by our interactions with men. If we are touched , insulted , groped , or otherwise not treated as delicate flowers , we’re supposed to react by making our entire lives revolve about that horrible moment that ruined us forever.

This is complete manure shit.

MORBNOTE ; The three ‘ stricken out ‘ words are replaced by ( my ) words that I feel fit the style of the writer’s personality … Just to let ya know …

Source: What’s with the fainting couches?

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