4:23 P.M. A couple of takes on the Kavanaugh Karnival …



usa-court-kavanaugh copy


rdm73-1 copy


The amount of money that this farce is costing … Both directly and indirectly … Could be put to far better use … Any judge that would comply with what the Democraps are attempting to achieve should be removed from their lofty position in society and thrown in jail … If this were a ‘ Jane Doe vs Joe Schmoe ‘ case … NO half-assed lawyer would touch this 36 year later , unsubstantiated case …

Much less a REAL ‘ judge ‘ putting up with 5 minutes of the whole charade … But this isn’t about ‘ law ‘… This is ‘ politics ‘ … The ‘ game ‘ must be played …

There’s too much power and money at stake …Apr14SignOff1





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