6:39 P.M. Raconteur Report …

There are at least four sitting senators who should not simply be censured , they should be impeached for breach of oath , and kicked right the f**k out of the Congress , and then prosecuted to maximum extent of civil and criminal law.

So too the slanderous accusers in this ongoing epic charade. And worst of all , they’ve happily set lying whores , and their baseless allegations , above the actual damage done to the nominee’s family , a wife and two daughters , and irreparably harmed the cause of women who’ve suffered actual assaults , by reducing them all to the same calculus , in tarring them all with same presumption that every allegation is just a cheap stunt for political gain.

And the defective delusional leftard harpies of the chorus , who couldn’t get laid at a nerd conference even if their tits were Xbox controllers , are happy to sell their shriveled carbonized souls for the merest whiff of a chance to derail a slam-dunk SCOTUS nominee who doesn’t share their beliefs in the disposability of unborn babies , whose antics can provide them the fifteen minutes of fame they treasure above actual accomplishment , and the attention they could never get from a lifetime of fatherless upbringings.

MORBNOTE ; Had a good chuckle over the ‘ nerd conference ‘ reference !!! … Pop over to the RR site for the whole thing …

Source: Raconteur Report

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