10:33 A.M. From Filthie’s Thunderbox …

And Another Trump Bomb Goes Off … In Tranna ?!!!

I ordinarily don’t pay much attention to my countrymen in Morontario or Queerbec or BC. Those three provinces are run by shitlibs , Marxists , feminists , queers and other degenerates … For degenerates.

Were it not for them , Justin Turdo would have been laughed out of politics long ago. And Justin wasn’t anywhere near their worst … Morontario was run into the dirt by a ghastly elderly lesbian named Kathleen Wynne who ‘ served ‘ as their premiere up until the last election. Unlike Justin , who is just an idiot in over his head … Kathleen was a nutter.

In the last election the anorexic old bint was flushed and replaced by Doug Ford. Lefty rules in Canada primarily through the judiciary and the media. Our supreme court judges are all activist ass hats and held in utter contempt by average Canadians with a triple digit IQ. They are a powerhouse unto themselves and for all my lifetime they have ruled Canada unchallenged.

The only defense against them was to invoke a little known , seldom used ‘ notwithstanding clause ‘ in the Canadian constitution. It basically short circuits the judiciary and allows provinces to tell those judges to take a long walk of a short pier when they over step their authority. The only problem is that nobody had the balls to invoke it except the fuggin fwench … And they hate Canada almost as much as we hate them.

Welp , Ol’ Douggie picked a fight with those a-holes collectively right out of the gate. He decreed that Tranna’s city council would be reduced by about half. That had Lefty in a Tizzy so he sent his lickspittles in the judiciary to shut Douggie down.

A judge ruled that the premiere could not make such a decision , and huffily concluded that that was that about that. Douggie invoked the notwithstanding clause , and now Lefty is losing his fuggin mind the same way the American mass media has with Trump.

How dare an elected official go against an unelected , unaccountable judge ?!?! Well … Douggie just did , and he is promising to do it again if the a-holes don’t mind their own business. This is great news but what makes it extra sweet is that this is happening right in the liberals’ own back yard.

I hope that maybe Trump started something great , and more of our leaders start standing up against the lunacy and corruption of the deep state. Those people don’t give a damn about us , and has forgotten whom they work for. It would be nice to see Canadians start winning for a change too. The next time some left wing liberal meat holes start lecturing about civility and restraint … You have my permission to kick them right in the balls.

Great commentary FT !!! …

Source: Filthie’s Thunderbox

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