7:31 A.M. Lox her up : Cynthia Nixon’s bagel order … caused a social media meltdown … ‘ NEWS ‘ ?!!! …

The internet is ablaze with contempt for Cynthia Nixon’s bagel order. This weekend , upon paying a visit to New York City delicatessen Zabar’s , the Democratic gubernatorial candidate asked for her usual : lox , capers , red onions , cream cheese and tomatoes … on a cinnamon raisin bagel. The offending order was caught on camera by Gothamist , which broke the news on Monday afternoon in a five-minute video.

MORBNOTE ; ‘ broke ‘ … the ‘ news ‘ ?!!! … WHO CARES ?!!! …

Nixon’s request has since been scrutinized in the media and widely condemned on social media.

MORBNOTE II ; Is this the same ‘ media ‘ that is adamantly in our faces screaming self platitudes of its’ great importance to society ?!!! … How they defend ‘ our ‘ right to be aware of important issues ? … And they are the only ‘ champions of truth ‘ that can protect us ?!!! … This is what they get paid for ? … Personal diet habits of politicians and entertainers ?!!! … Again , my only thought is … WTFC !!! … And if the bulk of the 15 minutes of famers on the social network zero in on the subject of the ‘ news ‘ the way the ‘ media ‘ presents it and starts discussing said diet … Instead of reading the REAL issue ( which is … Who The Fuck CARES what she eats for brekky !!! ) _ Then that is why we get both the politicians and the ‘ media ‘ we have now …

NJ.com declared that she had “ committed an unforgivable crime against the bagel gods ”…  And Munchies suggested that Nixon’s campaign was ‘ shaken ‘ by the ‘ terrible-sounding ‘ breakfast.

Nixon has taken the criticism in her stride , defending her order to a throng of reporters :

“ That’s my go-to brunch/breakfast whether I’m out or at home. I mean , it’s not uncooked oatmeal. But it’s pretty delicious. And I say , don’t yuk my yum. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it ”…

Much like pineapple on pizza before it , mixing sweet and savoury elements seems to spark heated debate. If you’ve ever walked past a Cinnabon , your nose has certainly assured you that cinnamon and cream cheese are made for one another. And look no further than the African Mediterranean for many delicious examples of cinnamon , raisins and meat commingling. 

MORBNOTE III ; Now , as you see from the preceding paragraph , this writer from the National Post goes on to speak of other ‘ tastes ‘ she feels are odd together … Here’s a thought ; How about informing the people of her state what she intends to do if elected as Governor ?!!! …

As Spin magazine reports , deli connoisseur El-P , for one, expressed his approval. The rapper and investor in Brooklyn’s Jewish deli Frankel’s Delicatessen & Appetizing tweeted :

“ I’ve done this. It’s risky but the combination of sweet and salty is great on occasion. This type of daring shows leadership potential and I’m voting for her “…

MORBNOTE Summary ; If this is how people choose their ‘ leaders ‘ … It’s no wonder we exist in a society where ‘ SNAFU ‘ reigns supreme !!! …


Source: Lox her up: Cynthia Nixon’s bagel order caused a social media meltdown | National Post

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