5:34 P.M. Nothing will get solved if we DON’T focus on ‘ race ‘…


Power-HourThe murder problem in Chicago is a problem easily understood with a bit of math and a little bit of race realism. Put a lot of black people in an area and they will start shooting at each other.

Chicago has a lot of black people , so it has a lot of murders. The city is roughly 32% black , 32% white and the rest Hispanic , Asian and a mystery.

Of the 405 homicides this year , as of this writing , 330 of the victims have been black … Just 26 have been white … Just 48 have been Hispanic , who are over 25% of the population.

Now , it is possible that there are gangs of white supremacists roaming the streets killing black people in all black neighborhoods. It’s possible that these white supremacists are so skilled that no one has ever seen them. It’s also possible that a gang of leprechauns are terrorizing the black neighborhoods. All things are possible if you wish hard enough , but the most probable answer here is that the victim rates reflect the crime rate.

That is , 75% of the crime is being committed by 30% of the population , the black population.

Again , sober minded people understand this. The trouble is , we are not ruled by sober minded people , at least with regards to race. They really do believe that race is a social construct and that astronomical black crimes rates are a symptom of social inequality , racism and poverty.

Click on the link below for an informative read , indeed …

Source: The Z Blog | Sports, Culture and Other Stuff

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