4.44 P.M. ‘Absence of a reasonable logical process’ says Bob Woodward …

Shades of Watergate ?…

fear-trump-in-the-white-house-coverTo Woodward , some of the scenes he learned about and detailed in Fear could only be compared to the days of Richard Nixon ( His investigative reporting , of course , in part led to Nixon’s resignation during the Watergate scandal ) But can he say whether his current work will play a similar role in Trump’s political future ?…

” Obviously , that’s not known . My job is to find out what happened , and present what we call the best obtainable version of the truth” he told Tremonti ( Interviewer ).

He said the president’s fate is now in the hands of the American political system … An especially important observation as the country gears up for its midterm elections in November…

” It’s going to be a fascinating time to watch “…

Source: Trump’s adoption of steel tariffs showed ‘absence of a reasonable logical process,’ Bob Woodward says | CBC Radio

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