11:02 A.M. Knuckledraggin My Life Away ( Kenny ) …

You brought it on yourself , Jack

Posted on 09/12/2018 by Wirecutter


Well , Jack ( ass ) the dog is at the vet this morning getting cut. It was bound to happen eventually if for no other reason than to keep him home if a bitch upwind goes in heat , but the clincher was him all of a sudden developing a sexual interest in me , specifically my leg.

I cannot go outside without being molested at some point , and it’s not just daily , it’s every damned time I go outside. I’ll be walking around the property with him tagging along and all of a sudden I’ll feel his front legs wrap around my knee and when I look down , there he is just humping away , tongue hanging out and his fucking eyes rolling back in his head. Fucking pervert.

What’s really bad is when I try to shake him off , the bastard nips me in the ass and let me tell you what , he bites hard. Shit , I’m afraid to bend over to work on anything around him. It wouldn’t be so bad if he gave me some attention afterwards , but after he’s had his way with me he just wanders off with that satisfied grin on his face.

Source: Knuckledraggin My Life Away | Where Bad Choices Make Good Stories

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