7:21 P.M. SURE !! … OPEN the gates !!! … Junior will be at the airport bearing gifts !!! …

A 28-year-old Burnaby , B.C., man with no previous criminal record has been charged with the first-degree murder of 13-year-old Marrisa Shen.

OF COURSE he had ‘ no criminal record ‘ … HERE !!! … The fucker just got here two or three months before !!! … Ya think he handed his Syrian rap sheet to Pete Jr. at the airport when he picked up all his freebies ?!!! …

Police say Ibrahim Ali , who arrived in the country 17 months ago as a refugee from Syria , was arrested in Burnaby on Sept. 7.

Shen went missing on July 18 , 2017. Her body was found early the next morning in Burnaby’s Central Park. Police have not revealed how she was killed , nor if she was sexually assaulted.

Justin is far too simple and naive to be in ANY position of responsibility , never mind running a country …



Source: Man charged with murder of Marrisa Shen, 13, had no criminal record and was new to Canada | CBC News

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