1:00 P.M. In the U.S. , People of colour and young suffer most fatalities …

People of colour made up about 39 per cent of the population during the study period , but accounted for 52 per cent of the years of life lost , researchers report in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health … Compared with white people , the number of years of life lost was greater among American Indian and Alaskan Natives , blacks and Hispanics , but lower among Asians and Pacific Islanders. 

Part of the reason for this disparity is that white people who died in shootings tended to be older. Half of the white people killed by police were at least 38 years old , compared with 30 years old for black shooting victims and 31 years old for Hispanic victims. 

The study wasn’t a controlled experiment designed to prove whether or how race or ethnicity influences the chance of dying in a police shooting or the number of lost years of life resulting from these fatalities. 

Click on the link for the whole thing … The above comes about halfway thru it … But each statement I read I found myself thinking  either ‘ So what ? ‘ … or ‘ Well that should tell ya something ‘ … And NOT that the cops are out do execute blacks !!! …

Then at the end … A couple individuals  ( important to note whom AREN’T ‘ the evil white man ‘ I only assume this by their surnames , however … ) focus quite clearly on the REAL sources of the problem …

Another limitation of the study is that it only examined fatal shootings , so it doesn’t capture what may be happening in nonfatal encounters that might result in significant disability or medical problems.

Poverty levels … ” The age and racial disparities likely reflect disparities in socioeconomic status and poverty levels …” said Ziming Xuan , a researcher at Boston University School of Public Health who wasn’t involved in the study. 

” Poverty not only puts individuals at greater risk of physical and mental health problems , but also limits access to emergency or intensive care in order to recover from life-threatening injuries ” Xuan said by email. 

” Implicit racial bias may also play a role ” Xuan added. Police might be more likely to respond to people of colour with deadly force because they perceive situations with these individuals as more life-threatening or think these people may be more likely to behave aggressively or carry a weapon than white people. 

” Younger adults and people of colour may also lose more years of life to police violence because they have a higher risk of being victims and perpetrators of violent crimes ” said Alex Piquero , a researcher at the University of Texas at Dallas who wasn’t involved in the study. 

“And , because crime, especially interpersonal violence , tends to be over-represented in disadvantaged communities in urban cities , it is likely that police are more likely to patrol those areas ” Piquero said by email.

” When these realities are combined with the fact that minorities are over-represented in residing in those communities , it sets the stage for the disproportionality that emerges from the study’s findings “.

I  find it amusing that two people who WEREN’T involved in this study quite obviously have a far better grasp of the root causes …

Source: People of colour and young suffer most from police shootings in U.S., life expectancy study shows | CBC News

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