11:59 A.M. The Extermination of Male Whiteness …


Naturally , the fact that the entire infrastructure these gutter academics take for granted … The electrical grid that lights their libraries and offices , the buildings in which they sit and type their treatises , the roads they drive on and the planes they fly in , the Twitter feeds and Facebook posts that facilitate their frenzied denunciations of those they deem beyond the pale , the medications that keep them going , the food they put on the table , the table they put under the food , the vintage wines they sip in the faculty lounge , the plumbing on which they rely , the physical and technical maintenance that enables them to survive , the accessories of any sort they assume as given … Indeed , just about everything is due to the labor , ingenuity , risk , and entrepreneurial innovation of mainly straight white males of European and American provenance and to the uniformly despised capitalist enterprise.

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Source: The Unbearable Whiteness of Being

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