12:28 P.M. A mouthful from Raconteur Report …

Somebody down south doesn’t think too much of Canada !! ;

Ryan Quisling , you can fuck right off back to the Great White North , and take the poncey shitbag director , who shat his piece of revisionist fertilizer out , with you as well …


MORBNOTE ; Took me a few secondss to figure out this acronym !!! …

Apparently you learned your history from Howard Zinn , and motion picture economics from Kevin Spacey , and from the idiots who brought us 15 movies about the Gulf Wars that never turned a profit …

We put six of these ( American Flags ) on the moon. Because we could.

And because there are two types of countries : those like Canada , that use the metric system ; and those that have landed on the moon.

You guys are lucky if they raise the maple leaf flag over Quebec , and speak English there.

But hey , you’ve got socialized medicine that’s so good you all have to come to the US to get surgery , and you have flannel p.j.s. So , you’ve got that going for ya.

So before you deign to re-write our history , move out of the Queen’s basement , get a job , grow a pair , and grow the hell up.

MORBNOTE ; Geez bud … Tell us how you really feel !!! …


Source: Raconteur Report

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