7:46 P.M. Found another good one … Courtesy of Wirecutter … Musings of A Stretcher Ape

A small sample of Stretcher Ape’s writing style … Very amusing … I’m looking forward to stopping in at this new blog Kenny ( Wirecutter ) suggested ……

So , this was in the era of rotary dial phones , and tape home answering machines. A rotary dial phone is kind of like a cell phone , except that it did not cost you around $100 / month , did not have an answering service built in , had no internet access ( Internet ? What is this ‘ internet ‘ ? ) , and had no ‘ apps ‘ with which to clutter it’s screen , In fact , a rotary dial phone had no screen , simply a rotary dial ( cleverly named , no ? ) which , when spun , turned back to the starting position and emitted a series of clicks , that by some Black Art , allowed The Phone Company ( for , in these misty past times , there was only one Phone Company) to connect you with other people , with whom you could talk ( kind of like texting , with annoying sounds , emotional subtleties and intonation thrown in ) …

I can relate to the rotary dial thing … Sounds like he’s at least my age or older …

Source: Musings of A Stretcher Ape – Tales of another reality. Reminiscences of my time in the sick people business, and random thoughts otherwise clinging to my attention, like a baby monkey on a weimaraner.

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